Balneotherapy: the healing power of water

Balneotherapy uses water from healing springs . This water contains a high proportion of dissolved substances, such as minerals, carbon dioxide, carbonic acid, hydrogen sulfide and radioactive substances. These are absorbed through the skin and mucous membranes. Balneotherapy is one of the alternative and non-medicinal healing methods . The rich water is used for balneotherapy baths. Balneotherapy is also used internally as part of drinking cures or for inhalation. Thalasso therapy also belongs to the field of balneotherapy.

Carrying out balneotherapy

The healing baths can be carried out as a full, sitz, partial or inhalation bath. There are also different temperature levels, ranging from cold to semi-cold, lukewarm, warm and hot baths, with the maximum temperature being 40° Celsius.

Advantage of balneotherapy


The muscles and joints are relieved by the buoyancy of the water. This enables patients to make movements that are not possible outside of the water, for example due to overweight and/or pain. The warm water has a positive effect on the vegetative nervous system and thus relieves pain in various diseases. In addition, the thermal stimuli stimulate the metabolism and the immune system.

Positive effect of balneotherapy

In addition to relieving pain, enabling movement and relaxing muscles, balneotherapy provides other positive effects. It reduces stress and increases blood circulation. Balneotherapy also improves the complexion and promotes desquamation of the skin.

Areas of application of balneotherapy

There are many different areas of application for balneotherapy. It helps above all with rheumatic diseases and is also used for rehabilitation and sports injuries. Inpatient balneotherapy in a health resort usually lasts three to four weeks. Balneotherapy can also help with skin diseases. In addition, balneotherapy relieves psychosomatic complaints.

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