Cold tea in pregnancy

When the cold viruses are in high season again, pregnant women are not safe from them either. If you catch a cold during pregnancy, the alarm bells will go off and you start to worry, but that doesn't have to be the case, because you can get a cold and the like under control with a few simple remedies. The baby is not in danger from coughing, sniffling or a slight fever because it is perfectly protected in the stomach, but caution should be exercised when it comes to taking medication. So what can you do if you catch a cold while pregnant?

The cold tea in pregnancy

While cold tea is purely herbal, it should not be readily consumed during pregnancy . It is important that you read the package insert first, because you can see from it whether it can be drunk during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The reason is that a cold tea may contain herbs and flowers that induce labor , for example. So it is best to ask your gynecologist or ask at the pharmacy. Otherwise, there are many other natural remedies that help with a cold so that you can get fit again.

Cold tea as an inhalation bath

Even though you may not be able to drink the cold tea during pregnancy, it can still be helpful as an inhalation bath . For such a cold tea inhalation bath you need either a ready-mixed cold tea or herbal tea such as sage tea or other herbal mixtures. Then simply put 2 - 3 bags of cold tea in a clean pot or small tub, add 2 drops of medicinal plant oil and some cold ointment. Then pour boiling water over it, so that a good steam is created. Then place the vessel on a table, sit comfortably in front of it and cover the bowl and head with a bath towel. Now take a deep breath in and out! The whole thing should take about 5-10 minutes. The important thing is to stop immediately if you have trouble breathing or if you feel uncomfortable from the steam and heat.

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When the cold viruses are in high season again, pregnant women are not safe from them either. Should alarm bells ring?

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