To buy weightlifting shoes or not?

Lifting weights is a very special kind of sport, which of course places its own individual demands on the athlete as well as on the equipment. An important point for practicing the sport is the right shoe. For health and safety reasons, you cannot and must not lift the weight with conventional shoes . Sportswear manufacturers have dealt with the special circumstances and demands of this sport and created the right shoes for it.

The shoe and its special features

Weightlifting shoes are available both as shoes with practical Velcro fasteners and as shoes with lacing. In some models, both types of closures have been combined, which promises great stability when stationary . Like other sports shoes, breathable materials should also be used in this shoe and the athlete should make sure that these are processed in the desired shoe. The foot is exposed to very high loads in this sport, so the heel part must be particularly stable and well processed. Some manufacturers of weightlifting shoes use a combination of wood and leather , and others use high quality flexible yet highly durable plastic. Every athlete has to decide for himself which shoes give him the best stability during training and later in competitions. Of course, the outsoles must also be specially processed, they must be non-slip in any case, so that the athlete does not slip with his weight, which would result in serious accidents and injuries. The weightlifting shoes vary in size depending on the manufacturer, so it is absolutely necessary to try them on. The shoes can only be ordered online if you already have experience with a shoe from a specific brand and know the size. Otherwise, the only thing that helps is sending it back and exchanging it.

Price range and more info

Good shoes that meet all the requirements of weightlifters cost around €100. Of course, there are also models that are higher in price. It is important that the shoe fits well and does not leave any pressure points and gives the foot the necessary stability. In addition, of course, the shoe must also be designed for the fitness training of weightlifters. For this reason, the athlete should best buy several shoes. A pair for competition, a pair for training, and a pair of shoes to use as a backup.

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