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Many people suffer from digestive problems and thus often also from increased flatulence, whereby the technical term "flatulence" is known to many, but is hardly ever used in normal language. Flatulence can be caused by a wide variety of reasons and it is not always the "wrong" diet or the foods you eat that are responsible. One reason for suffering from flatulence can also be incorrect eating habits .

The root cause

Anyone who suffers from flatulence can often trace it back to the food eaten or to its preparation. The gases that are produced during digestion are the reason for painful intestinal complaints and ultimately for the relaxed bloating. Some foods positively provoke the formation of intestinal gases and the onion is probably the best known for this. However, various types of cheese , leeks and legumes also have a reputation for causing flatulence. The onion's increased formation of gases is primarily due to the way it is prepared. First of all, raw onions are particularly flatulent, in contrast to fried and roasted ones, which are far less gas-forming. Anyone who likes to eat beans and peas must also expect more gases, although they are very inconspicuous in small quantities. However, it is not just the foods that you eat that are the cause of flatulence, but also the way you eat them, rather than how you eat them. Many people who suffer from flatulence are often so-called air guzzlers because they swallow a portion of air with every bite. This then leads to the formation of larger gas bubbles. But also hasty eating, that is, not chewing enough, is one of the reasons for excessive gas formation.

Avoid gas by eating "right".

If you eat slowly, you can avoid flatulence, since only little air gets into the stomach. In addition, the food is well mixed with saliva, which means that the stomach does not have to work so hard. It's best to eat small meals that are cooked throughout the day and do some exercise after eating, such as taking a short walk, which helps move the mash along. If you suffer from flatulence and want to treat it, you should first loosen your belt and pants so that the intestines can move better in the stomach. Fennel tea or tea made from caraway or anise also help the intestines to deflate and relax. In addition, the pharmacy also offers a wide range of soothing teas, herbal ready-to-eat products that promote digestion and defoamers , with which you can quickly get rid of flatulence.

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