Rescue drops - Bach flower emergency drops

emergency drops

Bach flowers are already known to many people as a supportive gentle remedy. The Bach flowers are put together individually to meet the needs of each individual. In this way, no therapy is the same. The only thing that suits all people in Bach flower therapy are the rescue drops, the rescue or emergency drops. Bach flower therapy was developed by British doctor Edward Bach in the 1930s. He assigned a total of 38 flowers to certain ailments and ailments that can be alleviated with them and he put together a mixture of certain flower extracts that are used as emergency drops, known as the rescue drops today.

ingredients and uses

The Rescue Drops contain:
  • Cherry Plum - has a harmonizing effect on inner tension
  • Clematis - has a balancing effect on mental absence
  • Impatiens – has a harmonizing effect on restlessness and psychological pressure
  • Rock Rose – has a harmonizing and beneficial effect in cases of panic and despair
  • Star of Bethlehem - has a balancing effect on inner balance in the event of psychological injuries

Stress and difficult life situations occur in everyone's life. One puts it away and another suffers from it. Especially people who are under private or professional pressure can alleviate the suffering with the rescue drops. With children or young people, there are class tests or exams, just the thought of it makes the children sleep poorly and plagues them with fear of failure. Before parents resort to chemical clubs, they should therefore take their children to an alternative practitioner or a doctor who is familiar with Bach flower therapy. On the one hand, mixtures can be specially tailored to the child, mixed and you can also get the rescue drops. It has to be said that the health insurance companies do not cover the costs for this. However, it is also possible to get the drops in the pharmacy or via the Internet.

Effect of the rescue drops - pros and cons - application - dosage

The effect of Bach flowers and Rescue drops has not yet been clearly proven in studies . The concentration in which the flower essences are present in the drops is so low that they cannot actually trigger any biochemical reaction in the body. There are users of Rescue drops and other Bach flower drops who surprisingly experienced an improvement and a reduction in symptoms. On the other hand, there are users for whom this form of therapy has failed. In any case, a treatment with Rescue Drops does not replace a visit to a doctor, it only serves as support. Rescue drops are available as a solution in a small bottle, but lollipops with the active ingredients are also available. It is advantageous that the drops can either be taken in a glass of water or pure. Dosage: Drink four to five drops in half a glass of water several times a day in stressful situations. If there is no water at hand, you can also put a drop or two on the palm of your hand or the back of your hand and lick it off.

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