Sport in winter is healthy - just as healthy as summer sport if the following rules are observed

Sports that are practiced on snow and ice are called winter sports. This includes not only skiing and ice skating, but also various others. A distinction is made between Nordic sports and Alpine sports. New developments have also been added over the years. Snowboarding, skibob and freestyle skying are winter sports that nobody knew until a few years ago. But sport is especially important in winter, because at this time of year we tend to be lazy. On the Christmas holidays, people feast lavishly and easily weigh 1-2 kilos more. Others, on the other hand, are drawn to the stove when it is cold and not outside.

winter sports

Sport can also be fun in winter!

So, put on your winter boots and anorak, the adrenaline kick will make you really warm. What used to be reserved for the trapper has also found friends in Germany. Snowshoeing has become very popular with us in recent years. Today, snowshoes are no longer made of wood, but of hard plastic constructions with hard claws, so you are well equipped for any terrain. The ski is not deregistered, but with little snow and in the forest you are simply better off with the boot. If tobogganing and ice skating are no longer enough for you, you should try speedflying. This adrenaline pumping sport is a mix of skiing, paragliding and kite surfing. Half flying, half skiing down a slope, the point here is that the ground is lost from under your feet. It's a sport that scaredy-cats should just watch.

Is sport better in summer?

Sport is always good, summer or winter. If you want to keep your body in shape, you have to move. However, there are more opportunities to let off steam when it is warm outside. The motivation also seems to be higher than with snow and ice. Jogging has become our number one national sport . Whether in the city, over mountains, on the beach or through the forest. Jogging is possible anytime and anywhere, even on vacation. In addition, running is the most natural way to move around - and the healthiest at that. Running keeps you slim and fit and also strengthens the immune system. The muscle volume increases and the cardiovascular system is trained. It is important for all types of sport: It doesn’t matter whether it’s summer or winter, everyone should take it easy and not overdo it right away. Exercise should only be done for so long that you can still breathe easily. Once you get a stitch or trouble breathing, it's definitely time to stop. The water balance should also always be right, regardless of whether it is warm or freezing.

There are rules that should be followed


In summer, the right clothing and sun protection are important. Sport should be avoided completely in the midday hours. The loss of liquid is compensated for if enough water or spritzer is drunk before physical activity. Drinking fluids is also useful and necessary during activities. When the outside temperatures rise sharply, the heat absorbed by the body can no longer be released to the outside in sufficient quantities and there is a risk of water loss, which can lead to heat stroke. Therefore, extreme sports should be avoided by those who are otherwise not very physically active. Beginners are always advised to start slowly, take frequent breaks, drink enough and if you feel weak, stop the training. If you want to exercise outside even in the cold season, you should dress warmly. But again not too thick, otherwise heat build-up and circulatory problems can also occur here. In winter you should wear breathable clothing, which transports sweat away from the body. Don't do without a hat and gloves either, because a large part of your body heat is lost through your head and hands. Once you've found the right clothes, you can go outside, but caution is advised here too, because don't forget to warm up, even in winter. If sports such as skiing or snowboarding are to be carried out, a helmet must be considered. Some people tend to overestimate themselves and endanger not only themselves but also others. Most injuries that occur in these sports are not broken bones, but head injuries , which are often life-threatening. Special protective clothing should never be dispensed with in these sports.

Prefer to exercise in the light


There are many ways to do sports in winter. However, not everyone feels like it after work, because by then it's usually getting dark again. Therefore, instead of after work, use the lunch break. Especially if the workplace has a shower facility. Sport in winter is a sure pleasure if time-consuming training runs are scheduled for the weekend, then you are not dependent on the time of day. But in winter something else plays a major role for anyone who wants to do sports and that is the right diet. Right now the body's defenses are being challenged. Constant temperature fluctuations put a heavy strain on the immune system. What must be considered here? First of all, especially in the cold months, the body needs more vitamins A, C and E as well as zinc. These are mainly found in foods such as dairy products, fish or carrots. In many fruits and vegetables and in nuts, oils and butter. Magnesium, calcium, carnitine and plant substances further strengthen the immune system. For this reason, more cabbage, pumpkin, carrots, kohlrabi, celery etc. should be on the menu for athletes in winter. Especially for athletes, even in winter you have to drink a lot when doing sports, even if you are not that thirsty. Athletes need even more fluids in winter than in summer, since outdoor activities and dry heating air promote evaporation. Sport can be done very well in winter as well as in summer if you follow a few important rules. After all, sport should be fun and not ill. The following also applies here: " Safety first ":

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