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It often happens that children suffer from flatulence and this is something completely normal, especially when they are babies . But even if adults suffer from it, this is usually a completely normal thing. One speaks of flatulence or meteorism when the abdomen is bloated and bulges as a result. If one suffers from flatulence, which is the term for bloating, then excessive amounts of intestinal gases are excreted through the anus. The "normal" flatulence, even if it has a repulsive smell, is harmless and usually only temporary. In most cases, the causes of flatulence are not dangerous and are mostly due to an incorrect diet and a strong discharge of intestinal gases. Stress and hectic activity can also be responsible for flatulence. In principle, the flatulence from which an adult suffers is harmless and is principally due to poor eating habits. Therefore, it is advisable to refrain from consuming large amounts of flatulent foods and to take time to eat. Exercise and sport help to get the intestine going. If you suffer from stubborn flatulence, medicines such as Imogas are helpful.

When babies suffer from flatulence

If a baby is drinking from the bottle, you shouldn't pause in between to challenge a burp, but let him finish "eating" first. This is because the baby may cry and then swallow more air . If the baby suffers from flatulence, it helps to gently massage the tummy. This can be intensified, for example, by using a plant-based and gentle baby oil. A warm cherry pit pillow is also helpful, but do not place it on the baby's bare skin because of the heat and because the baby's skin is too sensitive. Even the smallest can be helped with movement, that is, doing some exercises that have a relaxing effect and the tried and tested fennel tea or anise tea are an excellent way to help the baby.

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