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How much exercise is healthy for the body?

by Viet Trinh on February 24, 2021
It is well known that sport is healthy. However, the body should not be expected to do too much so that the sport does not become a strain on the body. With sport, the form in which it is practiced is irrelevant, everyone feels better and life with sport is also healthier. Stress can be reduced quickly , the body and the immune system are strengthened as a result . A nice side effect is maintaining a good figure, as excess fat is broken down through regular exercise. Sport also helps with obesity, so that the pounds really tumble. Obesity can also be avoided with daily exercise through sport. The choice of sports is plentiful, so everyone can find the right one for themselves. This can be swimming, running or cycling the kilometers or inline skating, which can even be done on the way to work. However, for the sake of your body and your health, you should not overdo it.

Listen to your body when exercising

Anyone who is wondering how much sport is healthy for the body should "listen" to the body. The body reports when the type of sport or the stress is not right. Under no circumstances should signals be ignored if every movement causes pain. Even an exhausted body reports immediately and then a break is called for because the body can no longer process the strain. If you continue anyway, you can only hurt yourself. Injuries can occur and, in the worst case, cardiovascular diseases can develop. Almost every tissue in the body can regenerate itself by allowing the body to repair wear and tear on its own . How else is the body capable of the spine, joints and muscles being able to perform enormously for decades. The best way to exercise is to train less and train more often. How much sport is healthy cannot actually be said in general terms, it always depends on the condition and age of the body. Also, heredity for joint wear and tear can prevent frequent exercise. However, everyone can find out for themselves how much exercise is reasonable for the body.

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