The onset of winter makes you tired and listless

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Fatigue and general lethargy are real mood killers that strike in autumn and winter. But that doesn't have to be depression, for most people it has to do with the lack of sunshine. Too much darkness is not good and man gets tired and does n't feel like doing anything . This has to do with the hormone melatonin, which the pineal gland in the brain releases too much of when not enough sunlight falls on the retina. Melatonin is largely responsible for tiredness and listlessness.

What can you do about it?

It helps to go out into the fresh air as much as possible and soak up daylight, even if it's not that bright outside, it's still better than the light from indoor lamps. The clothes should be deliberately bright and colored and the home can also be spiced up easily. Bright colors and flowers immediately lift the spirits. The diet can also be chosen more consciously, because this can also counteract tiredness. It should be rich in vitamins and minerals, and there is also a good side effect: the immune system is strengthened at the same time. A bit of chocolate is also allowed from time to time, which also creates a good mood. Exercising regularly is just as important, because this is when the body releases endorphins, the so-called happiness hormone. The more active a person is, the fitter he feels. Why not listen to loud music for once? This should be positive, so no melancholic songs, they're even more emotional. Being alone is also not recommended at this time of the year. Doing things with friends more often cheers you up and lifts your spirits. Society negatively affects mood should be avoided at all costs.

The dark season

Many people suffer in autumn and are afraid of a long winter. The hormone serotonin is partly responsible for this "winter blues". It has been proven that there is a connection between daylight and serotonin production. This hormone is important for both performance and the psychological well-being of the body. You should avoid stimulants. Anyone who thinks that coffee or other stimulants will improve their mood will be disappointed, because they don't help at all. On the contrary, they are usually at the expense of your health.

How can you replace the sun?

Vitamin D also comes to people with the sun, but it is not so common in winter. Therefore, the body needs targeted support to prevent a vitamin deficiency. Food that comes from the sea helps here: salmon, herring, matjes and co have enough of them. The terrifying cod liver oil is also suitable for avoiding a deficiency. The motto is: Close your eyes and down with it, but probably only the very brave can do that. Otherwise, dairy products are also good suppliers of vitamin D. Vitamin E helps to improve appearance in the winter months. This is also found in fish, but also in Brussels sprouts, spinach, nuts, almonds and sunflower seeds. Anyone who is still listless and tired can only be advised to go to the nearest travel agency and book a holiday in the warmer climes.

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