Anti-Allergy Guarantee

Are you allergic to our products? No problem, because that's exactly what our 14-day "anti-allergy guarantee" is for.

Our products are made of high quality raw materials. This should give you the best product experience. Everyone reacts differently to certain substances/plants. If you are allergic to our products, please contact us so that we can find a suitable solution for you!

Please write us an email:

Items excluded from the guarantee

The guarantee conditions apply exclusively within the Federal Republic of Germany and the European Union. The guarantee applies to all products purchased from January 1st, 2020 (proof of purchase) in the online shop Product liability claims only exist in accordance with statutory provisions. Under this guarantee, the purchase price, or a credit note pro rata of the product, will be refunded. With the "anti-allergy guarantee" we do not guarantee that you will not react allergically to certain products, but in the event of an allergy occurring. The warranty is limited to product refunds.

scope of warranty

Goodwill : There is no right to a guarantee for gifts and/or goodwill services. A guarantee requires a purchase.

Purchase from third-party providers : If VINPLUS products are purchased from third-party providers, there is no entitlement to the guarantee.

Products given as a gift : If products are given to you as part of one of our campaigns (e.g. gifts/test/trial campaigns), there is no entitlement to a guarantee for these products.

Products that were purchased more than 14 days ago are generally excluded from the guarantee.

Documentation requirement/proof

A guarantee claim only exists if you can prove your allergy, e.g. E.g.: in the form of photos or a detailed description.

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