About Us

Vitamin startup – without intermediaries, directly from the manufacturer!

Top products at top prices
High-quality raw materials, no middlemen, directly from the manufacturer, fair prices.
Made in Germany
Made in Hanau - near Frankfurt. Quality made in Germany.
Sustainable & recyclable
Glass bottle. paper and cardboard. rubber dropper. Recyclable cap.

our philosophy

You've probably wondered at least once why most natural vitamins and dietary supplements aren't exactly cheap.

That's a simple calculation. Due to many different intermediaries, there are also many items, which consequently screw up the final price. At Vinplus we have made it our mission to offer the valuable and natural vitamins, minerals and superfoods at reasonable prices without sacrificing quality.

This is possible because at Vinplus we do without middlemen, importers and the like. We obtain the raw materials we need directly from the producer – i.e. from the small farmers. In addition, the end product is manufactured in Germany, which is not only a promise of quality, but also protects the environment, as long transport routes are eliminated.

With Vinplus we want to achieve our goal of offering high-quality vitamins at affordable prices that everyone can benefit from. Become part of the Vinplus idea and provide your body with everything it needs for well-being.