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Was ist Neurodermitis?

What is neurodermatitis?

Atopic dermatitis, atopic eczema or neurodermatitis: These are all terms for the same skin disease. Read more about it here!
Neurodermitis – ständig juckt es

Atopic dermatitis – it itches all the time

People with neurodermatitis are always itchy. Only scratching seems to be the solution. But this doesn't help. The torment remains. Read more!
Die Behandlung und Hautpflege bei der Neurodermitis

Treatment and skin care for neurodermatitis

The treatment and care of neurodermatitis depends on the type and severity of the symptoms and the individual provocation factors.
Neurodermitis – die Ursachen

Neurodermatitis - the causes

The term neurodermatitis dates back to the 19th century and means inflammation of the nerve skin. Is nerve inflammation responsible?
Neurodermitis - Neigung auch zu anderen Allergien?

Atopic dermatitis - tendency to other allergies?

Atopy is an innate predisposition to developing hypersensitivity reactions of the mucosa and skin. Thus, atopic eczema is a chronic, inflammatory skin disease that is typically associated with severely dry...
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