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Wintereinbruch macht müde und antriebslos

The onset of winter makes you tired and listless

Fatigue and general lethargy are real mood killers that strike in autumn and winter. But that doesn't have to be depression, for most people it has to do with the...
Sport im Winter ist gesund- genauso gesund wie Sommersport, wenn folgende Regeln beachtet werden

Sport in winter is healthy - just as healthy as summer sport if the following rules are observed

Sports that are practiced on snow and ice are called winter sports. This includes not only skiing and ice skating, but also various others. A distinction is made between Nordic...
Mit Schwung durch den Winter, auch bei schlechtem Wetter aktiv sein!

With momentum through the winter, be active even in bad weather!

Being active is something nice, but you should also be fit for leisure activities and for that the immune system must first be strengthened. Whether you have a runny nose,...
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