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Ein neues liposomales Trägersystem für eine optimierte Antitumortherapie [Digital] - vinplusde

    A new liposomal carrier system for optimized antitumor therapy [Digital]


    A curative treatment of malignant diseases with chemotherapeutic agents stands in the way of their serious side effects in the case of systemic therapy and their rapid elimination from the bloodstream. Liposomes as drug carriers can increase the therapeutic index of the packaged ingredient by increasing its potency while reducing side effects. Against this background, starting from a formulation described in the literature (artificial virus-like envelope, AVE; Chander and Schreier, 1992, Life Science; 50: 481-489), a new liposomal carrier for systemic treatment of malignant tumors with the anthracycline doxorubicin should be developed to be developed.

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