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Liposomales Vitamin C - vinplusde
Liposomales Vitamin C - vinplusde
Liposomales Vitamin C - vinplusde
Liposomales Vitamin C - vinplusde
Liposomales Vitamin C - vinplusde
Liposomales Vitamin C - vinplusde
Liposomales Vitamin C - vinplusde

    Liposomal Vitamin C

    • Mehrfacher Testsieger
    • Verbesserte Aufnahme, hohe Bioverfügbarkeit
    • Für Dein Immunsystem & Energiestoffwechsel*
    • 1000 mg Vitamin C je 10 ml
    • Studienbasierte Inhaltsstoffe
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    (8.36€ / 100ml)

    ($92.00 / 0.3 kg)


    Price-performance winner "Very Good"



    Price-performance winner "Very Good"



    "The best liquid liposomal vitamin C with sea buckthorn."



    Fast, highly dosed, bioactive effect!

    Vinplus liposomal vitamin C is effective and works 24 hours a day. Liposomes enclose the vitamin C and increase bioavailability. Result: 12x more effective absorption than a conventional vitamin C tablet and a duration of action of 24 hours . 1

    What is the benefit for your body?

    Better absorption by the body

    Thanks to their size in the nanometer range and their fatty composition (lecithin microdroplets), the liposomes protect vitamin C from enzymatic degradation (saliva, gastric acid, etc.) and release it directly into the bloodstream, which significantly increases the absorption rate of vitamin C. 2

    Gradual distribution of vitamin C

    The liposomal encapsulation has the advantage that the vitamin C enters the cells slowly and continuously. The blood concentration of vitamin C in liposomal form therefore decreases less rapidly over time than conventional vitamin C. 1

    *Effect of vitamin C

    Vitamin C contributes to/to/to the 3

    • a normal function of the immune system
    • a normal energy metabolism
    • reducing tiredness and fatigue
    • normal collagen formation for the normal function of the skin , teeth , gums , bones , cartilage and blood vessels
    • a normal function of the nervous system
    • a normal mental function
    • increasing iron absorption
    • protecting cells from oxidative stress

    Vitamin C is one of the water-soluble vitamins. Water-soluble vitamins are hardly stored in the body and must be supplied constantly through food. In order to be able to keep the important substance in the body for a long time, liposomal vitamin C is ideal.

    Why Buy Our Liposomal Vitamin C?

    100% liposomal vitamin C from patented formulation process (pending). Recognized relationship between phospholipids and vitamin C.

    Proven & high bioavailability through studies. Very good absorption by the body; better utilization than capsules or tablets

    High-quality ingredients - pure vitamin C, phospholipids from European sunflowers, natural sea buckthorn extract.

    Continuous, sustainable production process. Recyclable amber glass bottle. Green electricity in production.

    Natural & pleasant taste - without sweeteners, without aromas.

    What is the Vinplus® "Anti-Allergy Guarantee"?

    Our products are made of high quality raw materials. This should give you the best product experience. Everyone reacts differently to certain substances/plants. In case you are allergic to the product, we have introduced the "Anti-Allergy Guarantee".

    Founders from Hanau - the city of fairy tales and stories.

    Answer questions

    What is vitamin C and how does it work in the body?

    Vitamin C, the so-called ascorbic acid, is an organic acid that is essential for the human body to survive. It is one of the essential substances, which means that the organism cannot produce it in sufficient quantities and must therefore be supplied through food. It is a water-soluble vitamin found mainly in fruits and vegetables. For example, the acerola cherry, the sea buckthorn berry and kale have a particularly high content.

    Vitamin C is a radical scavenger and helps protect cells from oxidative stress. It therefore protects cells from aggressive and reactive molecules, the so-called free radicals. Especially in situations where the body is under stress, the body uses considerably more vitamin C due to the onset of the immune response.

    The vitamin plays an important role in a large number of biological processes and processes in the body, with the development and maintenance of a normal immune system being particularly noteworthy. In addition, it contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of skin, teeth, gums, psyche, blood vessels, bones, cartilage and normal energy metabolism.

    As already mentioned, ascorbic acid is found in varying amounts in almost every type of fruit and vegetable, but it is very delicate and is easily destroyed by food storage or preparation. Therefore, supporting a normal immune system by taking up to 1,000 mg of vitamin C, especially in the cool season or in particularly stressful situations, can have an impact on health and well-being.

    What is the difference between liposomal vitamin C and conventional vitamin C?

    Liposomes are small bubbles made of fat that also occur naturally in the body and enclose sensitive substances and thus protect them from external influences during transport. They are also used in pharmacy to encapsulate certain active ingredients so that they can safely reach their site of action in the body. 4

    Since vitamin C is particularly sensitive and can be destroyed very easily, a protective shell made of liposomes helps the vitamin to get safely through the stomach into the intestines. Here it can eventually be absorbed by the body. Another advantage of the liposomal formulation is the sustained-release effect, which ensures that the vitamin is released over a longer period of time. 1 This ensures that the vitamin can be absorbed by the body and its positive properties can develop.

    How are liposomes structured?

    A liposome is a sac made up of a double layer of phospholipids. One side of the lipids is lipophilic (fat-loving), the other hydrophilic (water-loving). With this liposomal formulation, both fat- and water-soluble ingredients can be encapsulated, which not only protects the ingredient from environmental influences, but also transports it directly into the bloodstream with little loss. Well protected, the ingredients then reach the places in the body where they are needed.

    How big are the liposomes?

    In order for the body to benefit from the liposomally encapsulated vitamin C, the particle size of the ingredients is crucial. Sizes between 80-150 nm are ideal. The advantages disappear with larger particles. At Vinplus, we use a standardized process that achieves a constant particle size of 100 nm. At the same time, this ensures a constant concentration of the high-quality ingredients. Liposomal C vitamin can thus be absorbed by the cells in high doses.

    Does the liquid hit the stomach quickly?

    With the conventional intake of vitamin C, a large part of it is lost in the digestive tract. Liposomal vitamin C is so well protected by the encapsulation that there is little loss through saliva and gastric acid. This results in a very high bioavailability compared to conventional oral intake. Since liposomes are very similar to the structure of human cells, they can absorb the ingredients very well.

    The liquid usually doesn't “hit the stomach quickly”. Since the vitamin C is encapsulated on itself, by a kind of "fatty membrane". 5

    Other benefits of Vinplus Liposomal Vitamin C

    The product impresses with its extraordinary quality and best composition. With 1000 mg of liposomal vitamin C per 10 ml, it is optimally dosed. It can easily be stirred into juice and consumed daily. It's naturally preserved, vegan, and alcohol-free, so it can be enjoyed by the whole family. By manufacturing in Germany and purchasing directly from the producer, unnecessary delivery routes and middlemen are avoided. The highest and tested quality from Germany can therefore be offered to our customers at affordable prices.

    Studies & Sources:

    1. Plantacorp (2020): Comparative Bioavailability of Various Vitamin C Supplementation Forms. Vitamin C Study 24H.pdf
    2. Prassl, Ruth (2015): Liposomal Drug Carrier Systems From Concept to Clinical Application. 10th Thuringian Biomaterial - Colloquium. Medical University of Graz. Prassl-Ruth_17.09.15.pdf .
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    Additional information

    Consumption recommendation

    Mix 10 ml daily with sufficient fruit juice. Shake before use.


    Vinplus Liposomal Vitamin C is made from liposomal vitamin C. Liposomes enclose the vitamin C and thereby increase its bioavailability. Result: 12x more effective absorption than a conventional vitamin C tablet. 1

    Phospholipids from European sunflowers, without soy lecithin and artificial flavors. Natural sea buckthorn extract from Northern Germany. Without synthetic preservatives.

    Manufacturing in Germany. ISO 22000, GMP, HACCP.


    Water, phospholipids, vitamin C, citric acid, sea buckthorn extract.

    Nutrient reference value (NRV)

    Vitamin C per daily dose of 10 ml corresponds to 1,250%. According to EU regulation no. 1169/2011.


    Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Keep closed, cool, dry and out of the reach of small children.

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    Maximilian Mayer

    Schneller Versand, tolles Produkt.

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    Gutes Produkt

    Da ich es noch nicht lange einnehme, kann ich zur Wirkung noch nichts sagen. Aber es schmeckt gut und es wird dem Körper sicher gut tun. Vielen Dank! Gerne wieder.

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    Alles zu meiner Zufriedenheit

    Hat alles problemlos funktioniert. Gutes Produkt

    Anja Rose
    Vitamin C

    Ich mische es ins Wasser statt Saft, es schmeckt relativ neutral. Ist mal was anderes als in Pulver oder Kapselform. Preis ist etwas hoch angesetzt. Bin aber zufrieden. Versand ging schnell.
    Mit der ersten Lieferung gab es ein Problem. Der Kundenservice war sehr nett und schickte mir zügig Ersatz. Dankeschön 😊

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