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As a geriatric nurse, you are responsible for caring for and caring for elderly people. Washing, administering medication, helping and supporting in everyday life : as a geriatric nurse, you have many important tasks to help old people in their everyday life, as they are usually no longer able to do so for health reasons. Nevertheless, it is also one of the tasks not to take everything away from the elderly: rather, he should support him in what he can no longer do and let him do it himself (if necessary with help) what he can still do independently.

Personal requirements

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In order to be able to learn the profession, you have to have a lot of patience and empathy. Older people in particular who suffer from dementia need a lot of empathy and understanding. Likewise, the mental and physical constitution should allow the profession. Since the elderly sometimes have to be lifted or turned in bed, a pre-existing back injury, for example, is a reason not to learn the trade. In addition, as a prospective geriatric nurse, you should not be afraid of contact with nursing activities, such as washing or changing diapers. A loud voice is also an advantage at work, as many older people suffer from the loss of their sense of hearing.

prerequisite for learning the profession

In order to be able to learn the profession, the applicant must be able to show that he or she has completed secondary school or another ten-year school education that extends the secondary school leaving certificate.


During the training, 5 learning areas are taught. The first learning area is the tasks and concepts in elderly care. Basic skills in geriatric care, such as the basics of geriatric care and participation in medical diagnostics and therapy, are taught here. In the second learning area , trainees are taught how they can support older people in their way of life. The 3rd learning area deals with legal knowledge in the field of geriatric care and the 4th learning area teaches the trainees everything to do with the job profile (professional knowledge). The 5th learning area includes all other subjects that are taught, such as German, religion and nutrition. The training ends with a state-recognized examination, which is divided into an oral, a written and a practical part.

career development opportunities

You can constantly expand your professional horizons through various further training courses. This is also required by most employers, since innovations are constantly being introduced as a result of new findings, especially in the nursing and medical sectors. There are opportunities to fill higher positions in the field of geriatric care through further training, for example as a senior nurse.


There are many opportunities for geriatric nurses. The elderly are cared for in both inpatient and semi-inpatient care as well as in short-term care. Geriatric nurses are also deployed in the outpatient care service. Other locations are advice centers for old people or at the medical service of nursing care funds. Nurses can also work in the supervision of the home or in the teaching area.

The everyday

Everyday life consists primarily of caring for and caring for old people. They need to be taken care of and employed. The care also includes the provision and administration of medication as well as daily care and support with everyday tasks that the elderly person can no longer manage on their own. In addition, all processes and medications must be documented precisely.

(Image source: Federal Employment Agency)

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