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Liposomal Vitamin C Test Winner (Multiple)

by Viet Trinh on April 08, 2023

Why we are multiple winners/test winners in various comparisons (Bild.de,vergleich.org,beste-testsieger.de and many more):

  • High-quality & study-based ingredients
  • Transparent production in Germany
  • Lower price instead of profit
  • Anti-Allergy Guarantee


Price-performance winner "Very Good"



Price-performance winner "Very Good"



"The best liquid liposomal vitamin C with sea buckthorn."



Are you looking for the "best" liposomal vitamin C?

Like you, I was looking for vitamins, and I noticed that the price-performance ratio of many products is simply not right. Honestly , I was wondering why Liposomal Vitamin C is so expensive when the raw materials cost only a fraction.

So how can it be?

The problem is: expensive middlemen and greedy companies. That's why I founded the company and offer premium quality liposomal vitamin C at a very good price-performance ratio !

To the awards


Price-performance winner (11/2021) at Comparison.org

Top 10 (01/2022) at gesundheitszentrale.eu ( for comparison )

The best liquid liposomal vitamin C with sea buckthorn (01/2022) at fitforbeach.de

10 best vitamin c liposomal in Germany (01/2022) at bestreviews.de

Test winner - best recommendation (2021) at Beste-testsieger.de ( to the test )

Price tip (11/2021) from Warenvergleich.de

Price-performance winner (11/2021) at Bild.de

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Fast, highly dosed, bioactive effect!

Vinplus liposomal vitamin C is effective and works 24 hours a day. Liposomes enclose the vitamin C and increase bioavailability. Result: 12x more effective absorption than a conventional vitamin C tablet and a duration of action of 24 hours . 1

What is the benefit for your body?

Better absorption by the body

Thanks to their size in the nanometer range and their fatty composition (lecithin microdroplets), the liposomes protect vitamin C from enzymatic degradation (saliva, gastric acid, etc.) and release it directly into the bloodstream, which significantly increases the absorption rate of vitamin C. 2

Gradual distribution of vitamin C

The liposomal encapsulation has the advantage that the vitamin C enters the cells slowly and continuously. The blood concentration of vitamin C in liposomal form therefore decreases less rapidly over time than conventional vitamin C. 1

*Effect of vitamin C

Vitamin C contributes to/to/to the 3

  • a normal function of the immune system
  • a normal energy metabolism
  • reducing tiredness and fatigue
  • normal collagen formation for normal function of the skin , teeth , gums , bones , cartilage and blood vessels
  • a normal function of the nervous system
  • a normal mental function
  • increasing iron absorption
  • protecting cells from oxidative stress

Vitamin C is one of the water-soluble vitamins. Water-soluble vitamins are hardly stored in the body and must be supplied constantly through food. In order to be able to keep the important substance in the body for a long time, liposomal vitamin C is ideal.

Why Buy Our Liposomal Vitamin C?

  • Proven & high bioavailability through studies
  • Simple, clear and high-quality ingredients.
  • Manufacturing in Germany. ISO 22000, GMP, HACCP.
  • Recyclable amber glass bottle. Green electricity in production.
  • Natural & pleasant taste - without sweeteners, without aromas.
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