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Why we choose sustainable packaging

by Viet Trinh on February 03, 2022

Sustainability and ecology are playing an increasingly important role in our society. Sustainability only comes about when you live it yourself. And not because it's particularly great for "marketing".

Ever since I was "little" I've always taken the household rubbish down. But I never realized how much waste we produce. That only came with time. What particularly stands out is the many plastic/outer packaging. Whether for meat, vegetables, flowers, bread. These are available everywhere. We ourselves had also packed food with a transparent film.

Over time we have developed an awareness of this outer packaging. We buy veg unpackaged, use our own veg bags, have plenty of glass cans / reusable Tupperware so it doesn't go bad in the fridge. Of course you can't do without it completely. Who can afford to do without it completely?! The toothpaste alone is in plastic. While there are a few vendors that make toothpaste in metal/aluminum? pack.. but the proportion is very small.

When consuming vitamins and other supplements, I also noticed that capsules/tablets are packed in plastic containers. Sure, these are cheap and don't break during transport. When I then wanted to manufacture the first products for the Vinplus brand , I said to myself.. that somehow there should be another way.

Lots of glass if possible, screw cap made of recyclable materials , no unnecessary outer packaging , pipette made of rubber , short transport distances . There are many disadvantages, the most difficult is the transport.. because glass breaks. And we try to pack exclusively with paper. Green electricity should be used in production wherever possible. High-quality raw materials instead of junk.

The product is more expensive to manufacture than other suppliers. But that was important to me. And yet the products should have a great price-performance ratio ... that can actually only work if we forego profit.

We do that... because it's just a way of life!

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