Work of a non-medical practitioner - training and professional life

Alternative practitioner naturopathy
In Germany , the naturopath has been a professional category since 1939 . He does not have a medical license, so he is not allowed to make any diagnoses in the strict sense.

Training to become a naturopath

Since the profession of naturopath is not recognized , no vocational training is required, so there is no national examination. The naturopath carries out his work on his own responsibility , because he is one of the liberal professions. The prerequisite for being able to practice this profession is a normal secondary school leaving certificate, a medical certificate, a police clearance certificate and a minimum age of 25 years. In addition, approval must be obtained from the responsible health authority to ensure that this person does not pose a threat to his soon-to-be clientele.

There is still an exam!

In order to get a license as a non-medical practitioner, a written and an oral examination are required. A basic knowledge of pathology and anatomy should be acquired. Diagnosis and pharmacology can only be beneficial. Before you want to become a naturopath, you should have completed professional training, such as that of a nurse, paramedic or medical assistant. Training is only possible at a private school and lasts between two and three years. The term " alternative practitioner " is intended to state that this is not a doctor . Since there is no normal training as an alternative practitioner, questions are also asked in the exam that require knowledge of pathology. This is what it's all about Recognizing and differentiating from common diseases or a risk of infection. A great deal of knowledge about hygiene and disinfection is also required. The knowledge of how to take a correct blood sample is also absolutely necessary.

No independent decision allowed!

The naturopath is strongly advised that immediate referral to a specialist is required should he not have the means to cure. Nevertheless, even today, many of the local doctors refuse to work with a naturopath at all. Furthermore, it is strictly forbidden for a naturopath to make a diagnosis or even to prescribe a prescription drug. You may identify mental or physical ailments, but then you have to deal with naturopathy or alternative medicine . This consists, among other things, of leech therapy, physiotherapy, respiratory therapy and autogenic training. A visit to a non-medical practitioner is not paid for by health insurance, but must be borne by yourself.

The story of the naturopath

The practice of alternative practitioners originated in 1928 from the "Association of Healers in Germany" in Essen. The alternative practitioner was recognized as a freelance profession in 1936 and in 1938 the first alternative practitioner law was presented didn't know how things would continue in the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic. From 1947 to 1949, further state associations were founded. Large-scale supervision is carried out by the responsible health department. A non-medical practitioner should always take part in courses and further training. These are carried out by private educational institutions. Since there is no normal apprenticeship in the training to become a non-medical practitioner , course fees and the costs for specialist literature have to be paid out of your own pocket. In order to start training, however, good knowledge of biology, physics, chemistry and German is required.

Working life in everyday life!

Employment as a non-medical practitioner is possible in a massage or physiotherapy practice , and you can also apply to a doctor's practice or a health center. After the training, it is up to you to decide which specialist area to choose, the spectrum ranges from acupuncture to respiratory therapy. Working as a naturopath is more of a calling than a job . People who have a different education and of all ages decide to work as alternative practitioners.

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