Working as a speech therapist!

speech therapy

How everything began!

Working with people with speech and language disabilities goes back to ancient times. As early as 1583 a treatise on childhood speech disorders was written. In 1778, Samuel Heinicke opened the first school for the deaf and dumb. At the end of the 19th century, the "Berlin Ambulance" for speech patients was founded as one of the first facilities in Germany, in which the first language courses were given since 1883. After the First World War, language studies were admitted as a subject at the universities and by the end of the After the Second World War there was also training to become a speech therapist.The official job title has been in use since 1957.

The areas of responsibility!

Speech therapists work very closely with doctors, together with them they develop an individual therapeutic measure for each individual. Age, language and speaking skills play a major role here. Speech therapy treatment is performed through procedures such as articulation training or relaxation exercises. Speech therapists support people who have had a stroke in regaining the ability to speak and also after a larynx operation, this is one of their tasks. The tasks of a speech therapist also include visits to the kindergartens to hold consultations with the kindergarten teachers or the parents if a child has a speech disorder or stutters.

your work in detail

Her work focuses on advising and treating people with speech or language disorders. A doctor's prescription is required for this. After a detailed examination, a therapy is then worked out in which vocabulary, grammar, language comprehension or breathing and swallowing exercises play a major role.

Work items are used!

Speech therapists work with audiometers that measure hearing performance. Speech disorders are recorded with recording and playback devices. A triangle or tuning fork is used for speech and voice therapy. The children need playful therapy, which is made possible by hand puppets, stuffed animals and board games. A speech therapist works very closely with clinics, hospitals and medical practices, their work requires patience and perseverance, as well as sometimes nerves of steel cables. In most cases, the therapies are very difficult and also lengthy.

Working conditions

The work of a speech therapist is not for everyone because they often work in a medical environment and there is very close physical contact with strangers. Dealing with disabled people and children and young people is not always easy either.

Career alternatives and opportunities for advancement

Anyone who has learned the profession of a speech therapist can also work as a speech or respiratory therapist, and there is also the possibility of becoming a teaching speech therapist. You can climb the career ladder by doing further training, for example as a business economist for management in healthcare, for business and social affairs or as a certified specialist in healthcare and social affairs. However, speech therapists can also set up their own practice as freelancers. The characteristics of a speech therapist should be commitment, reliability, punctuality, an independent way of working and an appropriate manner. Of course, confidentiality about the patient and his personal data is also an essential part of this. Friendliness, but also assertiveness, are required in this job. Speech therapists are consulted for a person who has had a stroke, for people after an accident or for speech disorders such as a lisp or stuttering. There is nothing unusual about working with patients who have had to have a tumor surgically removed and have lost parts of their throat or tongue as a result. It can also be used with people suffering from dementia or with people who have undergone gender reassignment and need to carry out speech tone therapy. The tasks of a speech therapist are large and varied, but dealing with people from all age groups is also a given and that makes the work very interesting.

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