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Health tourism/prophylaxis assistant assists in the design, organization, implementation and medical billing of tourism offers and care offers in the field of well-being and wellness.

Personal requirements

If you want to learn the profession, you should have good organizational skills. The quick completion of typing work on the keyboard is also an advantage here. The general mental performance should be average, good manual dexterity is also an advantage. You should also have a well-groomed, pleasant and friendly personality. A certain commercial ability is also an advantage, for example when it comes to marketing special wellness offers. In addition, the prospective assistant in health tourism/prophylaxis should do sports.

Prerequisites for learning the profession

In order to be able to become an assistant in health tourism, an intermediate level of education is required. Some vocational schools also require knowledge of at least two foreign languages. The individual entry requirements of vocational schools can usually be found on their website.


right nutrition The training to become an assistant in health tourism/prophylaxis takes place in vocational schools, although not every vocational school offers this training. The duration of the training is between 1 and 2.5 years, depending on the additional qualifications acquired. The training ends with an exam. In the vocational school, the trainees are given knowledge and skills in various school subjects. German , English and other foreign languages ​​are taught. In addition, biology is taught in order to better understand health relationships. Sport is also an important school subject in education. Fitness and exercise are important in everyday life. In addition, some internships are completed, which can be completed in health clinics or, for example, in a wellness hotel.


The possible locations can be found in almost every area that has something to do with wellness, health and exercise. Health tourism/prophylaxis assistants can work, for example, in spa clinics, saunas and fitness centers. But you can also work for a tour operator that markets spa vacations or work in a call center where they inform callers about trips and arrange them for them.

career development opportunities

As an assistant in health tourism, you have the opportunity to specialize in certain areas, for example nutrition, exercise or cosmetic applications. Further training to become a tourism specialist or specialist in health and social work is also possible. There is also the possibility of becoming self-employed, for example with a travel agency or a wellness and fitness studio.

The everyday

Everyday life is as diverse as the fields of activity in which the assistant can work. Different work is carried out depending on the workplace. While the travel agency talks a lot to the customers and advises them, in the health clinic he is responsible for the relaxation and recovery of his clients and spoils them with various treatments.

The content

The salary during the training varies greatly and must be negotiated individually. In some sectors, there is also no remuneration. The starting salary between 1000 - 2600 euros gross .

(Image source: Federal Employment Agency)

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