Assistant - medical equipment technology


Medical device technology assistants primarily advise medical staff on devices that are used in the respective specialist area. They explain the correct handling to the staff and maintain the devices. They also repair defective devices. Another area of ​​responsibility is the co-development of new medical devices and their sale as well as customer service.

Personal requirements

As an assistant in medical device technology, you should be interested in technical devices and be able to grasp things quickly. Developing new ideas is also one of the characteristics. In addition, the assistant should have a friendly, patient and courteous nature and be able to communicate freely. Diligence and conscientious work is also expected, as most of the devices involved are defective and can have a negative impact on the patient. Computer science, technology, handicrafts and English are not only important school subjects, but should also be interests.

Prerequisite for learning the profession of assistant/medical device technology

A medium-level educational qualification is required to learn the profession. An internship in the field of medical device technology is an advantage.

Training to become an assistant in medical equipment technology

The training lasts 3 years and takes place at a vocational school. During the training, basic and special subjects are taught, which are intended to prepare the trainees for their work with medical devices.


Medical device technicians work in hospitals, in medical technology shops or with a manufacturer of medical technology devices.

development opportunities

Assistant device technicians have the opportunity to acquire additional qualifications through further training. An additional qualification is already acquired during the training. Here, the trainee can choose between two main areas: maintenance of medical devices or systems/medical product advice.

The everyday

Everyday life is of course strongly determined by your workplace. While in the medical technology specialist trade more is responsible for advising potential customers and existing customers on medical technology devices, the assistant who works in the hospital is responsible for the maintenance, servicing and repair of the medical devices. The assistant, who works for a manufacturer of medical devices, is primarily responsible for development and planning as an assistant to the engineers.

(Image source: Federal Employment Agency)

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