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The task of the geriatric care assistant is to support the geriatric nurse in the care and care of elderly people .

Personal requirements at work

In order to work as a geriatric care assistant, one must above all have empathy and a high degree of patience. Caring for people with dementia in particular requires a lot of empathy and composure. In addition, nursing assistants should not be afraid to take care of the people in need of care, which also includes daily washing and showering. The conscientious assistance with the administration of medication and support with patient documentation is also part of the area of ​​responsibility of geriatric nursing assistants.



In order to become a nursing assistant, you need to have completed schooling at a vocational school. The duration of the training is 1 year. The training is also offered at other educational institutions. Here the training and the examination are carried out according to the internal rules of the educational institution. In order to be admitted to an apprenticeship, the applicant must meet certain requirements. This includes a secondary school certificate (at least grade 9), the personal and health-related suitability for the practice of the profession as well as good knowledge of spoken and written German. The ability to work in a team, reliability, a sense of responsibility and the ability to work under pressure are also important prerequisites for training as a geriatric care assistant.

training content

During the one-year training, the trainees are given the basic knowledge they need to practice their profession. You will be prepared to support the geriatric nurses in diagnostics and therapy, in patient documentation and in the administration of medication.

Locations of geriatric care assistants

Nursing assistants have various possible locations in which they can practice their profession. These include, above all, old people’s homes or old people’s day care centers. An outpatient nursing service, geriatric clinics/departments, gerontological psychiatric hospitals or hospices can also be considered as possible locations.

training opportunities

Geriatric care assistants can train to become geriatric nurses or complete further training. One year of professional experience in the field of geriatric care is necessary for this in order to have the required qualification.

Everyday life as a geriatric care assistant

As a geriatric care assistant, everyday life consists primarily of basic care and employment for the elderly. The mobilization of seniors and the maintenance and exercise of existing skills (e.g. showering and brushing teeth alone) are also part of everyday life. In the latter case, care assistants should support the elderly and intervene to help if necessary.

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