The profession of physiotherapist

Physiotherapists treat people with limited mobility - regardless of whether this is restricted due to age, an illness or an injury. The ability to move should be restored with various exercises, and preventive therapy measures are also carried out. For example, muscle and coordination training measures are carried out. The basis for these exercises and the entire therapy on the patient itself are diagnoses made by the treating doctor. In this profession, employment in very different institutions and also with different groups of people is possible. There is a very strong cooperation with patients, since all work in this profession is based on the necessary or preventive therapy measures for the patient.

Personal requirements at work

In order to be able to work as a physiotherapist, various personal skills must be fulfilled. The first thing to mention is dealing with sometimes difficult patients, so a certain amount of empathy is also important. Every candidate for this profession should be pedagogically skilled and have good observation skills. Skilled hands and a high level of body control should also be available for this profession, otherwise the applications will bring less benefit to the patient than harm. In addition, an important requirement is the organization of physiotherapy , so that it is really successful. Probably the most important personal requirement in this job is the right amount of people who sometimes need to be motivated and some of whom certainly do not like going to physiotherapy.

Prerequisites for the job / training / studies

In order to be able to really work as a physiotherapist, special training is necessary. There are different ways to get into this job. On the one hand , school training can be completed. However, there is also the option of working in this profession by studying. For the school education you should have an intermediate school certificate, for the study in the field of physiotherapy a university entrance is required. If you have a secondary school leaving certificate, you can also complete the training, but only if you have completed at least two years of professional training beforehand. In schools, the subjects of sports and mathematics would be particularly important for various calculations. Otherwise it depends more on the personality and nature of each individual whether the requirements for this job are met. Good knowledge of German and good punctuation are also important, as there are many reports and treatment measures to be written in this profession.

The training / the qualification

The school-based training lasts 3 years and must be completed full-time. The physiotherapy course is offered as a bachelor's course, but there is also a master's course that builds on it. School training can be shortened under certain conditions, for example if similar training has been successfully completed. This shortening takes place on application and is then decided differently - depending on the respective requirements. School training is divided into a theoretical and practical part, but there is also practical training. This usually takes place in the relevant departments of the hospitals. The content of the training is very broad and different things have to be learned about anatomy, treatment methods and diseases in the movement process itself. It is extensive learning material in the medical field, with various areas being given particular attention. In addition to the medical aspects, the training also teaches how to deal with patients correctly, how to evaluate specialist literature and how to write correct reports on the entire treatment.


Physiotherapists can be employed in very different places, so there is a wide range of employment. In many cases, people with this profession work in hospitals, clinics and physiotherapy practices. However, such an activity is also possible and conceivable in sports clubs, wellness hotels, retirement homes and general facilities for the care of disabled people. Therefore, in this profession you can decide quite freely with which type of people or with which groups of people you want to work together. In most cases, however, there is a specialization in a desired area, which is important in this profession.

career development opportunities

In the case of school training, a degree in the field of physiotherapy is conceivable and is often sought. In addition, various additional qualifications can improve the chances of finding a good job, as can various combined training courses, for example as a gymnastics teacher. There are also various further training courses that complement training and offer improved career prospects. The step into self-employment is also possible and is often dared in this profession.

The daily routine of the physiotherapist

In their day-to-day work , physiotherapists work primarily with the patients to be treated . Various exercises and grips are intended to help the patients, who normally come with a referral from the doctor. However, the documentation of the various treatments and the precise planning of physiotherapy are also important, so that the result also corresponds to the desired result. However, everyday working life is very much determined by the direct cooperation with the respective patients, who are restricted in their movement sequences and who want to regain full mobility through various measures.

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