The profession of social security clerk for agricultural social security

He is the first point of contact for insured farmers when it comes to questions about health, nursing care, accident or pension insurance. With it, contributions and entitlements are determined and it provides information about financial security in old age, illness or care.

Would you like to apply for this job?

When applying, you should have good school knowledge of mathematics, German and some IT knowledge . The training takes place in a training company of an agricultural social security system and in the vocational school . Careful work is a prerequisite when working under the guidance and supervision of the trainer. It's about making appointments by phone or filling out forms on the computer. Personal discussions with the farmers are also part of the tasks of a social security clerk in an agricultural social security system. Some skill in dealing with people should be brought along.

During Education

The training lasts three years , but in some cases it can be reduced to two and a half years. In the first two years, training in a company includes labor and service law, human resources and the contributions of the insured and employees, as well as those of the members. In the third year of training, knowledge that has already been acquired is deepened and topics such as benefits for agricultural accident insurance, benefits for farmers in old age and the regulations for farmers in health insurance. Lessons at a vocational school take place twice a week. During the entire training period, the student must provide proof of performance to become a social security clerk in the field of agriculture.

payment during training

The training allowance is 717 euros in the first year, 776 euros in the second year and 835 euros in the final year. Costs are to be borne for specialist literature that is required at the vocational school, for travel costs and, if necessary, for accommodation at the place of training.

The final exam

The exam consists of both a practical and an oral part. The following subjects are tested in writing : insurance and financing. Furthermore, questions are asked about the benefits of agricultural social security and the last subjects to be tested are economics and social studies. The oral exam consists of a 30-minute conversation and deals with professional processes and problems and their solutions. If there is a stay abroad during the training, which must be specified in the training contract beforehand, the examinee can provide documentation and explanations for these learning sections. After passing the exam, you can apply to a statutory health insurance company, the pension insurance company and other social insurance providers.

The work in the public service

The most important activities of a social security clerk in agricultural social insurance include calculating the contributions and advising the insured on the amount of their claims. They work closely with doctors and hospitals as well as with rehabilitation and nursing facilities, pharmacies and nursing services. Their competencies also include checking insurance relationships, calculating, collecting and monitoring contributions, determining entitlements to benefits in the event of an accident or an occupational disease, checking entitlements to pension payments and providing care advice.

To be able to progress.

If you want to be in a better position professionally, you can pursue further training to become a business economist or a specialist. The work behavior of a social security clerk of an agricultural social insurance includes, among other things, commitment, reliability and punctuality and an independent way of working. In addition, good manners are of course a major requirement. His skills lie in order processing, customer advice and questions relating to agricultural social security. The work focuses on office and administrative work, human resources and social security law.

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