The chef, not a dream job for everyone!

professional chef
The art of cooking had its origins in Italy in the 16th century and it was also at the court of Louis the 14th that French cuisine became famous. The work of the chefs was born . It has existed as a recognized profession in Germany since 1940. A training regulation was put into effect in 1979. The cook has to do all the work that is necessary to prepare food. They usually work according to the recipe and prepare soups, sauces, pastries or desserts. The food and ingredients must be bought and stored by them. Organizing the daily routine in the kitchen and making sure the food is ready by a certain time is one of the most important tasks. Calculating prices and advising guests are part of the daily tasks of a chef. The chefs are rated by the guests, if they don't get a tasty meal, they stay away and word gets around quickly. Chefs must be versatile and have experience with home cooking, haute cuisine and luxury catering.

What is processed?

Everything that looks like food is processed, meat, fish, vegetables and pasta, whether fresh or frozen, are always a challenge for a chef. He needs a lot of arm space when preparing food, so a kitchen shouldn't be too small. Kitchen utensils such as cutting boards, sharp knives, slicers, mixers and kneaders are just as important as a disinfectant for the entire cleaning of a kitchen and the accessories.

Working conditions

Cut vegetables
Cooks work in restaurants, canteens and also in hospitals and nursing homes . In a smaller kitchen, the chef generally works alone, while in a large kitchen they work in a team. The tasks are strictly distributed here. The work of a chef is mostly done standing up and involves a lot of manual work. When cooking and also when cleaning, considerable hygiene regulations must be observed. As a rule, white work clothes and a hat are worn. The income of a chef depends on his requirements, the professional experience and the area of ​​responsibility he has also play a major role. The agreed gross salary is between 1900 and 2100 euros per month .

The chef and his career opportunity!

If you are a chef, further training can help you to take an exam for the master chef profession. Subsequent studies are also possible and lead to a bachelor's degree in the field of nutritional science and food technology. If you start a business, you can open a restaurant or pub.

Life is not easy at the bottom!

Training to become a chef takes three years . In the first year of the apprenticeship, the focus is on the preparation of simple meals and nutritional science. In addition, there is how to pay attention to the weight, freshness and possible damage when delivering goods. It is also necessary to learn how products are checked for their properties. In the second year of the apprenticeship, there is a bit more work at the stove. Quark, yoghurt and cheese dishes are prepared here, as well as sweets and desserts and how to make marinades and fillings. It is also about the production of dough and mixtures and their further processing. The third year of training is expanded to include fish and shellfish, followed by meat, offal and game dishes. In addition, the chef and cooks are taught how to decorate dishes for the occasion.

In the vocational school!

Cooking then continues at school, namely how to best organize the work in the kitchen, how to prepare dishes from vegetable raw materials and how to set up hot and cold buffets. The school area also includes the à la carte business and the teaching of the order of meals . After a successful examination, the title of a chef or cook is worn. A chef's interests should be broad. Ingredients must be washed and cut before processing, it must be weighed or measured. Other practical activities include mixing sauces and dough, cleaning, seasoning and seasoning, as well as arranging the food. The more creative part includes creating a menu or even entire meal plans. The implementation of new ideas and new recipes are another challenge for every cook.

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