The social security clerk in the accident insurance department

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A social security clerk specializing in accident insurance is primarily the direct contact for the insured person . He advises you in the areas of membership, benefits and contributions, he determines any claims and talks about financial security in the event of an accident at work or an occupational disease. The work of a social security clerk is a recognized profession and the training lasts three years, but it can sometimes be shortened by half a year. The applicant for an apprenticeship position should have the following interests, the calculation of contributions, deferral interest, the inclusion of new companies and the preparation of notices. In addition to determining facts using appropriate forms.

What does your job consist of?

The work involves arranging benefits for the insured or their surviving dependents and checking bills for medical treatment expenses, travel expenses or the costs of loss of earnings. Comprehensive knowledge of German social law and implementing regulations should be acquired. There is also close cooperation with doctors, hospitals, rehabilitation and nursing facilities, as well as pharmacies and nursing services. Prerequisite for an apprenticeship is the certificate of secondary school leaving certificate or university entrance qualification. You should have good school grades in mathematics (for preparing rough calculations and calculating insurance premiums) and German (for writing business letters or other correspondence, you should have confidence in spelling, sentence structure and expression). Someone who has a basic knowledge of IT (helps with spreadsheets and word processing) has even better chances.

Where does the training take place?

Training takes place in a company and at a vocational school. In this case, the companies are the statutory accident insurance institutions and it is not uncommon for work to be carried out in an open-plan office. During his training as a social security clerk , he learns whether insurance is compulsory at all. How contributions are calculated and about entitlements to health measures. He learns how a counseling interview should be conducted and about the initiation, implementation and conclusion of an administrative procedure. It is also important for the field of accident insurance to assess how work accidents and occupational diseases are to be assessed or how a cash benefit is to be calculated during medical treatment. He must get to know the cooperation with companies and companies when it comes to questions of how to avoid accidents at work and occupational diseases.

Theoretical instruction at the vocational school

This includes the subjects of economics, social security theory, law and accounting . During the first and second year in the company, you are primarily informed about human resources, labor and service law, member insurance, employee contributions and benefits in general. In the third year, knowledge is refreshed and expanded. In the second year of training there is a written intermediate examination. In order to be admitted to the final examination, all required proof of training must be presented.

A practical and a theoretical test

The written exam lasts about 9 hours and is tested in the subjects: insurance and financing . Among other things, it is about whether a cash benefit is paid in the event of an accident at work, if so, how much, and questions in economics and social studies are asked. Here the connections in the professional and working world are asked and the trainee should come to an assessment. The oral exam lasts a maximum of 30 minutes and consists of a discussion about practical processes and problem solving. The examination board consists of members from the Federal Insurance Office, the State Supervisory Office and the respective social security agency.

After passing the exam

If you have now passed the exam to become a social security clerk specializing in accident insurance, you can apply to a statutory accident insurance company, a statutory health insurance company or another social security agency. In order to stay up to date in everyday work, specialist knowledge must always be up to date and constantly expanded. Alternatively, you can also apply as a clerk in the healthcare sector, as an office clerk or as a specialist in labor market services.

The content

Training salary:

1st year of apprenticeship: 714 euros 2nd year of apprenticeship: 776 euros 3rd year of apprenticeship: 835 euros

After the education:

The salary varies between 1200 euros - 2500 euros (gross) depending on the federal state.

(Image source: Federal Employment Agency)

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