The duties of a hearing aid acoustician

hearing aid acoustician
The work of the hearing aid acoustician is a recognized profession in Germany . Its main task is, among other things, to determine the type and extent of the disability according to a medical diagnosis. Then he has to assemble the components of a perfectly functioning hearing aid.

In the training period!

In order to learn the profession of a hearing aid acoustician, a secondary school leaving certificate is required, or a university entrance qualification. The training lasts three years and is completed by a hearing aid manufacturer. There is also block instruction at a vocational school. Block lessons mean that three or four weeks of continuous lessons have to be attended at school. During the entire training period, it is necessary to provide proof of performance. Work and tests at the vocational school are also part of this. In order to want to practice the profession, it is a great advantage that good grades can be shown in the subjects physics, handicrafts, biology and mathematics. Once you have successfully completed your training, you apply to a hearing aid acoustician or an industrial manufacturer of hearing aids. The training in a company is of course free of charge, only the school materials, such as specialist literature books, have to be paid for yourself. Earnings during the apprenticeship years are appropriate, amounting to 455-565 euros in the first year of apprenticeship and increasing to 536-615 euros in the second year. From the third year it's already between 582 and 700 euros .

What is involved in teaching!

During the training in a company, the structure of the human ear is also learned in detail. For example, that of the inner, outer and middle ear. In addition, lessons are given on how an audiometric measurement method works and how hearing aid characteristics are to be recorded, and you also learn how to maintain and repair hearing aids.

After training!

A central training center in Germany is the Academy for Hearing Aids and Acoustics in Lübeck. The master craftsman's certificate can also be obtained here, but you must first have worked in this profession for a few years. In Germany there are around 3,800 hearing aid shops employing around 9,000 people. Rapid further development in the field of electronics ensures that hearing aids are becoming smaller and more powerful. Hearing aids as we know them today have been around since the 1960s. It was a single channel analogue device and was worn behind the ear. The "in-ear device" has been known since 1966, but because of the rapid development, a device has to be constantly adapted to technical developments. The profession of hearing aid acoustician has existed since the mid-1960s and was recognized as a traineeship in 1968 valid training ordinance has existed since 1997.

Further cornerstones of the training!

Important components during the apprenticeship include audiometry, hearing aid fitting and, of course, customer care and advice. You also learn more about acoustics, earmolds, electronics and measuring techniques.

When the "beeping" becomes normal!

The so-called beeping of a defective hearing aid is part of the everyday life of a hearing aid acoustician. This then has to be repaired because it is urgently needed again. Fitting a properly fitting hearing aid is extremely important. In most cases, the work is done on the PC, since everything is based on amplifier technology. Communication skills and friendliness are of great importance in everyday working life. The profession offers a huge variety and high development potential, as a master craftsman's examination is possible at a later date. Craftsmanship and a particularly high degree of care are very important in the profession of hearing aid acoustician. Ultimately, it should help people regain normal hearing so that they can participate in the lives of others.

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