The medical documentation assistant

medical documentation assistant Medical documentation assistants provide documentation and information in the field of healthcare and pharmacy. The prerequisite for training is the certificate of secondary school leaving certificate and a police clearance certificate. A selection is made via the written application documents or in a personal interview, where professional suitability for this job is checked. If you have achieved good grades in biology, chemistry, German and English, you will be admitted. Good to very good computer skills should also be available. Experience in data processing when it comes to researching data on the Internet naturally makes recording much easier.

The lesson!

It is taught in a practical and theoretical class . The student learns the main subject knowledge in the subjects of how data is researched and presented, how medical services are checked and billed, how customers are advised and looked after, how databases are created and how studies are planned, carried out and evaluated. Communication, social studies, economics, ethics and typing are also taught. The practical lessons take place at state educational institutions . The training to become a medical documentation assistant also includes several internships in relevant companies. The job-related learning area extends to the subjects of how to communicate in English or how medical data is created and how a diagnosis is encrypted. Forms and other papers must be drawn up and studies planned and carried out.

The exam!

The written part of an exam includes questions such as how to code a diagnosis, biometric evaluation of medical data and the planning and execution of studies. The exam usually lasts between 1 and 3 hours for each subject. The oral part of the exam is mostly about customer advice and support. But there is also a practical part, where medical services and databases are asked for. This section can last up to three hours.

Perspectives after training

The medical documentary assistant finds employment in the pharmaceutical industry, in a hospital or at a university as well as with a health insurance company. Here it is advantageous to commit to a specialist area or to consider a subsequent course of study. Specialist areas would be, for example, building up a stock in an archive, stock maintenance in an archive, administrative work that would be there, data protection, data encryption, research or programming. In addition, the step into self-employment is also possible.

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