The social security clerk of the general health insurance

In Germany, the activity of social security clerks for general health insurance is a state-recognized profession. The employer is the "carrier of the German statutory social insurance". In order to start training in this profession, it is a prerequisite that the qualification, the middle school leaving certificate, but better still the Abitur, has been taken. Good grades should be in the subjects, Business administration, accounting, economics, social studies and German, for the most part, training takes place at a public service vocational school or an educational institution run by insurance companies.
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How is the practical lesson going?

The training companies are mostly the health insurance companies and the trainees are always supervised under the guidance of the trainer or a colleague who has been working for many years. Your tasks are, for example, making appointments on the phone, filling out forms using a computer or distributing information brochures.

The training coat of paint!

Important in the training is dealing with German social law and its application in practice, the social code, the basics of economics and business administration as well as the administration and enforcement of social jurisdiction. The profession of social security clerk at a general health insurance also requires that some activities are to be carried out in the field . So it's not just a desk job . However, it is absolutely necessary that a specialization must be chosen after the training. This includes general health insurance, statutory accident insurance, statutory pension insurance, the miners' association and agricultural social insurance. Through further training after the training, you can specialize as a customer advisor in the field , as a customer advisor in acquisition, as a clerk for companies or private customers or as a sick pay case manager. In the event that you have a high school diploma, it is possible to start studying for a degree in business administration, a degree in health management or a degree in business administration.

The main tasks!

A social insurance clerk from the general health insurance company is primarily the contact person for the insured person when it comes to questions of statutory health insurance or social security. Insurance relationships, claims or advice in the event of illness or care can be discussed with her. Her main job also includes working in a hospital and doing patient billing.


During the entire training period, conscientious proof of performance must be kept, otherwise there will be no admission to the intermediate or final examination. In order to apply for an apprenticeship, the following subjects should have a good or very good grade. Mathematics (rough calculations and insurance premiums are created), German (when writing business letters, spelling, sentence structure and expressiveness should be brought along), a certain basic knowledge of IT should also be available (spreadsheets and word processing, make working with software programs easier).

The training allowance

The remuneration is about 900 euros in the first year of training , 980 euros in the second and 1055 euros in the third year . Less the costs that are important for the training, these are the costs for specialist literature that is required at the vocational school, the travel costs and for any accommodation at the training location.

What do you learn during the training?

In the 1st and 2nd year of apprenticeship, questions about human resources, self-administration and supervision, insured persons and members, benefits, compulsory insurance or freedom, voluntary insurance or family insurance are dealt with. In the 3rd year you deal with marketing, voting rights, dealing with a conflict situation, the calculation of contributions, the scope of services and the cooperation of contractual partners.

At the vocational school

The school deals with the subjects, economics, social security theory, law and accounting.

The exams

In the middle of the second year of training there is an intermediate examination, in which only written questions have to be answered. In the final examination, a written and an oral examination are taken before an examination board. In theory, questions are asked about practical tasks in the areas of insurance relationships, contributions, benefits in the event of illness and maternity, as well as labor law and the economic cycle.

After the education

After the training, applications to a general health insurance company, statutory health insurance company, a pension insurance company or other social insurance institutions are possible. Here it is necessary that a specific subject is selected, for example, the monitoring of contributions, processing of registrations and deregistrations of insured persons or the determination of insurance relationships.

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