The social insurance clerk of the miners' social insurance

The term Knappschaft stands for the statutory health insurance of the German pension insurance. The Knappschaft has existed for more than 750 years , it was founded as a mountain brotherhood and, as the name suggests, initially consisted only of miners. It was regarded as an interest group for social security . All workers had to join it, the costs were paid by the factory owners. Since the mini-job regulation (450 euros) came into force on April 1, 2007, the Federal Miners' Association has taken over the central administration for all of Germany. It is the collection point for all contributions from low earners . It also offers pension and long-term care insurance. To this day, the Knappschaft is both health and pension insurance for all miners.


The activity of the social security clerk of the miner's health insurance is in Germany, a state-recognized profession, in the public-legal training area. Anyone who performs this activity is a public servant. The regular duration of the training is 36 months , but can also be shortened under certain circumstances.

During Education

During the training period, you learn how to determine the responsible branch of insurance and the insurance carrier, what rules and regulations there are for data protection and environmental protection and about safety and health protection at work, as well as how to obtain authorization for voluntary insurance in the miners' health and pension insurance determines. How insured or survivor pension claims are processed.

At the vocational school

Lessons in a vocational school usually take place twice a week. In theory, these are the subjects of economics, social insurance, law and accounting. The training is completed at a miners' insurance company, where you work independently in an office, but also in the field. You have to sit for hours in front of a screen, but you also have to talk to an insured person on the phone or in a personal conversation. The work is very diverse. The trainee must always be friendly, courteous and able to concentrate, and they should also have a certain skill in dealing with other people. He must not allow himself to be distracted, since forms have to be filled out correctly and cost subsidies have to be calculated exactly.

Participation in the exam

The requirements for admission to the examination are met if all written proof of performance can be submitted and participation in an intermediate examination can be proven.

The written exam

The written exam deals with questions about insurance and financing, how practice-related tasks can be solved, how benefit entitlements in the event of illness or how pension entitlements are calculated. The subjects economics and social studies are also tested.

Oral Exam

During this test, a conversation of about 30 minutes is conducted. Questions about the basis of professional practice processes and problems must be answered here.

The exam was passed!

After passing the exam, a social security clerk of a miners' insurance company deals with administrative activities such as determining insurance relationships, collecting contributions and granting benefits. Those who were admitted to an examination had good grades in economics, social studies and German. If a social security employee of a miners' insurance company wants to climb the career ladder, they should consider further training as a business administrator or specialist.

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