The Telemedical Assistant

A telemedical assistant uses modern information and communication technologies in medical administration . Medical administrative tasks are processed with the help of special software. You use billing systems and office communication programs in medical practices and hospitals.

What is her work like?

The work consists in bringing the patient data into a digital form and making it available to the doctors in networks special for them. They also take care of the data transmission in medical video conferences. With the help of electronic systems, recordings such as, for example: X-ray images are processed. They highlight or enlarge special features for the attending physician. They archive and catalog image documents for an electronic database.

The tasks in detail

An assistant has the task of creating digital patient files, and she also has to save the patient data in a database. Her activities also include setting up a complete electronic database. She mainly works in a doctor's or dentist's office and in hospitals. She usually sits at a screen in the office, but she can also be found in the photo archive.


In order to be admitted to an apprenticeship, you have to have completed the Realschule, or even better the Abitur. Training is not given in a company, but only at a vocational school and the whole thing lasts two years. It is not possible to shorten the apprenticeship time here.

In the vocational school

There are practical and theoretical lessons here, one acquires knowledge in the subjects: anatomy, pathology, functional diagnostics, pharmacology and project management . You also get extensive instruction in psychology . Documentation, multimedia databases and technical English are also taught. The general education subjects are German, social studies, ethics and sport . Operational practices are also carried out in hospitals and in a health department.

How much does this training cost?

Training to become a telemedicine assistant is not remunerated because it only takes place at a school. However, there are costs for the training, namely an admission and an examination fee, which are always charged. The costs of learning materials, such as for specialist literature, must also be borne by the students themselves . The travel costs or accommodation if the lessons do not take place at your place of residence must also be covered.

The requirements for an apprenticeship

A telemedicine assistant needs a great deal of care (patient data must be created without errors) and even greater confidentiality, since data protection is at stake here. It is also important to have good grades in the school leaving certificate, in biology, and a very good grade in German (for perfect spelling and a strong ability to express yourself). The applicant shouldn't have been bad at mathematics either, since creating statistics plays a major role in the training.

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