The dental assistant

A dental assistant has the task of supporting the dentist in his activities , which also means that she has to organize the entire practice process. The people who work in this profession are 99% female .

The school career

In order to learn the profession of a dental assistant, qualified previous training is not absolutely necessary, but of course applicants who can show a higher level of education are preferred here, that would be secondary school students or those who have completed their Abitur. If you still want to learn this activity, some interests should be considered.

Important school subjects

The trainee should have good grades in the following school subjects. In German (good spelling is required to deal with correspondence), mathematics (knowledge is required to create a statement, for example, discount calculation and interest calculation), biology (about the anatomical structure of the tooth, so that treatment can be assisted can) and physics (X-ray and radiation protection measures, preparation and handling of narcotics). The applicant should enjoy documenting patient files, she should carefully bill for services rendered, the provision of dental instruments should not be a problem and she should also have a certain sense of tact with the so-called "anxious patients". Also the sterilization of instruments and apparatus is part of their activities.

During Education

Assisting is important!
Assisting is important! The training to become a dental assistant takes place in a dental practice and in a vocational school, it lasts 3 years and it should be noted that in Germany every dentist is allowed to train, so he does not need a specific permit. During training, knowledge about carrying out work in a laboratory, about practice and industrial hygiene, the handling of medicines and remedies, data protection and data security, medical terminology, that caring for patients, care of the devices and the facility, as well as the processes in a practice. In the last year, topics such as assisting with a treatment, how X-rays are taken, pointing out better oral hygiene to the patient and coordinating appointments are added.

At the vocational school

The vocational school classes take place one or two days a week. The lessons discuss how to initiate caries therapy, you learn a lot about practice hygiene, that medication has to be ordered and administered and how the practice processes can be shaped.

The practical training

The training companies are dental or orthodontic practices and dental clinics. The activities in the practice include work in a reception area, laboratory and X-ray room. A high level of concentration is required and you shouldn't have any inhibitions when it comes to very close contact with other people. To protect yourself from diseases, a face mask and gloves must be worn. Medical confidentiality must also be observed by trainees. The written proof of training must be checked regularly by the trainer, as it must be presented before the final examination.

The structure of work during the training

In the first and second year of training you learn everything about infectious diseases and you get basic knowledge about prophylaxis. After a certain time, the trainee may assist the doctor during treatment and the bills for the services are prepared under supervision. At the vocational school you learn in class how to receive and accompany patients, how to organize the practice process and the trainee is present at a surgical treatment. In the third year of training, knowledge of the practical processes is deepened and data protection and its security are taught, and knowledge of accounting is also gained. Since the work of a dental assistant is a recognized training occupation, a final examination is required at the end of the third year of training. The examination must be taken in front of an examination board of the competent medical association.

The exam

The final exam has a written and a practical part. The practical test lasts no longer than 60 minutes and it must be shown how to look after a patient and how the treatment processes are organised, as well as assistance during a treatment. The written exam includes practice-related tasks, such as how to organize such an exam, about treatment assistance and about accounting.

The job after the training

After the exam, you can apply to a dentist, a dental clinic or an orthodontic practice, but you can also continue your education to become a dental assistant or a business economist. If you have found a job as a dental assistant after a successful exam, the work consists of creating invoices, training new trainees, preparing a treatment, looking after patients, handing over the instruments, cleaning the tartar, creating a temporary denture , that making x-rays, making appointments on the phone and purchasing goods.

The content

The training allowance can be paid as follows: 1st year of training: 548 euros 2nd year of training: 591 euros 3rd year of training: 642 euros The starting salary: 1200-1500 euros (gross)

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