Specialist non-commissioned officer – medical service


As a specialist non-commissioned officer - medical service, you are employed by the Bundeswehr and take care of sick patients or manage the medication household. The profession actually meets the same requirements as in the civil health sector. However , the employer is the state itself and thus offers all the resulting benefits . There are various ways to prove yourself as a non-commissioned officer in the Bundeswehr. A career as a non-commissioned officer is the medical service with a fixed period of service. The NCOs ensure that the soldiers get and stay healthy. This includes the treatment of diseases and also the prevention of health maintenance.

Personal requirements at work

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In order to be able to work in the profession of specialist non-commissioned officer - medical service, one must already be able to be committed for a certain period of time. You have to have fun dealing with people and be prepared to serve the country accordingly during your service time in the Bundeswehr. With empathy and social interest you can certainly master the job. In addition to organizational and practical skills, you should not be afraid of wounds or injuries. Dealing with losses such as the death of patients must also be acceptable. You should take responsibility for your tasks and be able to identify with them. You should also be willing to go on assignments abroad for a longer period of time. The NCOs are also required for exercises and deployments of the Bundeswehr abroad. As a non-commissioned officer, you have to have a certain degree of discipline in order to be able to explain your managerial duties to the team. One should be in good physical condition to meet the performance requirements of military service.

Prerequisites for the job / training / studies

Only German citizens may take up the profession of specialist non-commissioned officer – medical service. In addition, an impeccable certificate of good conduct without a criminal record must be presented. The debt account must not be too high, otherwise you will be excluded from military service. A minimum and maximum age limit must be taken into account in order to be allowed to begin the entitlement of non-commissioned officers. This is between 17 and 30 years . At higher ranks, there is usually no age limit. Training to become a specialist medical service officer requires at least a high school diploma. The physical requirements with a minimum height of 155 centimeters must also be met in order to start the entitlement. In particular, the school subjects German, sports and biology are important prerequisites for a job as a medical service. Pre-selections are made through aptitude tests that give a good overview of the ability and use of the people.


Apply in time!

Different sections are completed in the training for the medical service. If you don't have any medical training as a previous education or comparable training, this sub-area begins. As in the civilian area of ​​application, first aid and association training are part of the training. The body with its structure and functions is another part of the first part of the training. In addition, there is the knowledge of instruments and devices as well as the teaching of medicines and medical products. In addition, you will be trained as an emergency first aider and learn the special injury patterns during an emergency. As a specialist non-commissioned officer - medical service, you are also trained for combat service . This includes movement in the terrain and finding your way around. In addition to camouflage, you are also trained to defend yourself from alarm positions. You learn this in the first few months as part of basic training in the Bundeswehr. The training takes place in the barracks of the Bundeswehr and in the respective medical academies. After 12 months he was promoted to sergeant.

The Qualification

You can also specialize as a medical service in special fields. On the one hand, this can be in the dental or general medical field, but it can also relate to laboratory activities. Another qualification is the assignment to the pharmacy area of ​​the German Armed Forces. The individual qualifications are then exercised in the respective military organizations such as the navy, army, air force or central medical service.


The specialist sergeant can be used in various areas depending on the specialty. In the case of foreign assignments and exercises, those on duty are on site in the crisis or exercise area. But the non-commissioned officers were also stationed in the local barracks. The workplace can also be located in treatment and examination rooms. A medical service can also be housed in administration buildings and laboratories.

career development opportunities

As a medical service, you can take the respective training direction after the basic training. Regular further training in the specialist area and other civil professional topics is possible at any time. You should always continue to work on your specialist knowledge in order to learn new developments and refresh your knowledge. Seminars for further qualification in topics such as sports medicine, care and health are also offered. In order to be able to return to the civil profession after the period of service, EDP and application training are offered. The career path in the Bundeswehr can be the rank of sergeant or officer in the medical service after the degree of specialist non-commissioned officer.

The everyday life of the specialist non-commissioned officer - medical service

In general, the everyday life of the NCO is quite varied. There are different ways to do your job. Depending on the area in which you have been integrated, the work takes place in the premises. During operations and exercises, the daily routine can be very exciting but also dangerous. Everyday life can be different, from examining the soldiers to checking stocks of medication. Sport and troop training are also on the program of the medical service.

The salary

The remuneration includes the basic salary, the family allowance, allowances and remuneration for foreign service. Base salary increases based on promotions (grades) and salary seniority (steps). The amount of possible allowances depends on the exercised use. ( Federal Armed Forces )

Sample invoice:

Medical service_salary

(Image source: PIZ Luftwaffe, Medical Service Bundeswehr)

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