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What is this job?

The Feldwebel - Medical Service fulfills its tasks directly in the Bundeswehr. The profession also corresponds to that in the civil health service. You take care of the care and nursing of patients, assist with operations and carry out laboratory tests. The tasks of the medical service also include first aid and life-saving measures as well as the transport of patients. There are only five possible career paths in the Bundeswehr to be a sergeant on duty, one career path is that of a sergeant in the medical service. The rank of sergeant is only obtained after the actual soldier's career and a further training period. The medical service can be carried out without academic studies. A sergeant in the Bundeswehr has to commit to a certain length of service.

Personal requirements at work

In order to be able to practice the profession, you should have good arithmetic thinking and a sufficiently good command of German. Physical ability must be present as well as accuracy and a general intellectual grade. You also have to be able to find your way around on your own and in the terrain, because that can definitely be a task to be mastered during operations. You should have a social attitude towards your fellow human beings. You should also be able to face situations with injuries and especially blood without any problems. It is important to be able to work flexibly and act independently. The gift of being able to make quick and reliable decisions is important and is also encouraged during the training period.

Prerequisites for the job / training / studies


When training to become a sergeant, a secondary school leaving certificate is required. There are also a few levels of training to be achieved before a career as a sergeant comes into question. You should have special skills in spelling and expressiveness. Arithmetic must be mastered and physical coordination should be brought along as an important prerequisite. In addition to basic training, training also includes first aid training. Through other areas such as combat duty and guard training, one is gradually led to the service of a sergeant. It takes up to three years to be promoted to sergeant. The training takes place in the troops of the barracks and in the medical academy. As a sergeant, you not only learn the technical knowledge, but also the ability to lead soldiers. To advance as a sergeant, one must have good assertiveness and a sense of responsibility.


The medical service is trained in changing training phases and mainly lives in group accommodation in the barracks. In order to be able to pursue a career as a sergeant, a commitment to military service of usually 13 years is necessary. The time can only be shortened accordingly if the educational requirements are already in place. After serving in the Bundeswehr, the training can be recognized as a corresponding civilian professional qualification. The professional qualification is then referred to as a nurse, paramedic or pharmaceutical technical assistant. You get the degree as a sergeant after 3 years and after passing the exam. As in other military careers, certain minimum and maximum age limits must be observed in order to carry out the training.

The Qualification

Qualification for the start of the training always takes the form of an aptitude test, which leads to either aptitude or rejection. The career can only be pursued by German citizens. High debts and criminal records can lead to the unsuitability of the candidates. The physical requirements with a minimum height of 155 centimeters must also be met.


The Feldwebel is usually employed in the barracks of the Bundeswehr and is stationed there for the duration of his activity. There may be situations in which the soldier is also called up for deployments abroad and relocates his office accordingly. The work is then carried out on site in the Bundeswehr's infirmaries and treatment rooms. The administrative activities are carried out in offices. Various activities are also carried out in laboratory facilities in order to carry out analyzes of examinations. Since you always have to be prepared for emergencies, exercises are held at regular intervals, to which the employee is then assigned.

career development opportunities


You can always gain further qualifications in the Bundeswehr and advance your professional development. It is important to always be up to date with the latest technical knowledge. After military service, you can start a suitable civilian job. In the Bundeswehr you can complete different areas and specialize in specific areas. The integration into the respective areas army, air force, navy or also the central medical service is possible. After a career as a sergeant, the soldier can assert himself with a career as an officer. It is also possible to study in one of the specialist areas of medicine.

The everyday life of the sergeant - medical service

As a soldier in the Bundeswehr, the sergeant in the medical service will also face the daily challenges of patients. Diseases are fought and examinations are carried out. The regular military exercises and operations are also an important area for the soldiers in the medical service. Battles can occur any day and require the willingness and knowledge of every soldier. The tasks are carried out in the laboratories, hospitals and treatment rooms of the barracks.

Salary examples (as of January 2009):

Medical soldier (FA)/aviator (FA)/sailor (BA) 19 years, single Approx. 1,470.00 e net Sergeant (FA)/chief petty officer (BA) 21 years, single Approx. 1,540.00 e net Sergeant/Bosun 25 years , single Approx. 1,670.00 e net Main sergeant/senior boatswain 28 years, married, tax class III Approx. 2,130.00 e net This is just an example calculation. The salary depends on the salary law, age, rank, tax class and family situation. (Image source: Federal Employment Agency)

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