Health and Nursing Assistant


What is this job?

The helping hands of the health and nursing assistants are responsible for the support of the ex-nurses. It is involved in the care and nursing of the patients. It is also the task of the helpers to ensure cleanliness and order on the wards. Hygiene is the top priority in healthcare. This help is often needed in hospitals, health centers and old people's homes. Employees are also in demand in homes for the disabled and outpatient care facilities.

Personal requirements at work

Personal hygiene

When exercising the profession, one must be able to carry out shift work and also look after people reliably and responsibly. There must be no fear of people or their problems. Daily contact and the desire to be there for patients must be intentional. There should also be no aversion to blood and bodily excretions, because this can be part of everyday life. As a health and nursing assistant, a strong personality is required that can also deal with dying and losses. The individual patients can be very different and also bring a wide variety of stories with them, which you have to respond to empathetically.

Prerequisites for the job / training / studies

A secondary school leaving certificate is required as an entry requirement for learning the profession. However, participants who have already completed equivalent training or a recognized school-leaving certificate are also accepted. Further practical experience is often required, which can be obtained in an internship or social year. However, medical suitability is also required, without which one is not allowed to practice any profession in the healthcare sector. In the case of young people under the age of 18, a medical certificate is also required.



The actual training is imparted in a theoretical and practical section. One attends one of the appropriate educational institutions. The duration of the training is one to two years full-time. There may also be differences in the individual federal states. The training is not offered in every city, so the trainees may have to travel daily. The remuneration is regulated differently depending on the federal state. It is possible to shorten or lengthen the training period and this is regulated in the examination regulations of the federal states. The practical training parts are completed as internships in hospitals or clinics, but also in other nursing homes and facilities. If you pass the final exam, which consists of three parts, a written, an oral and a practical part, you will receive your final certificate and the assignment of the recognized state professional title.

The Qualification

There is the possibility to further specialize as a health and nursing assistant. In particular, jobs as child care help or as help for people with disabilities are very often sought. However, an additional qualification can also be obtained for the area of ​​nursing care for the elderly. After the training, as a health and nursing assistant, you have to decide to pursue a certain specialty. This is also decisive for the further daily place of work.


Health and nursing assistants work in hospitals, specialist practices or nursing homes. The work is carried out by the helpers in the patient rooms of the infirmaries or the treatment rooms of the practices. When working for outpatient service providers, the nursing assistants are found in the private households of the people in need of care. But there is also work that has to be done in offices, including the documentation of the care measures.

career development opportunities

Today there are a lot of alternatives after training to advance professionally. You either find a suitable position in your desired specialty and can fill it successfully, or you can choose other training paths. Further training should be carried out regularly in order to remain technically up to date. If you have a higher education entrance qualification, you can attend further studies. You can also fulfill the desire to be your own boss by starting a business.

The everyday life of the health and nursing assistant

Ordinary everyday life begins in the morning with waking up and caring for the patient. In the hospital it is sick people of all ages, in a nursing home it is mostly elderly people who are sick and in need of care. But there are also jobs where you have to take care of children in need of care. Each of these people is looked after and cared for by the helpers. This includes wound care and basic care as well as help with eating. There is something for the helpers to do 24 hours a day, as the nurses need constant support. People are looked after and cared for until the evening. The night shift is also kept busy, since help has to be provided during the night as well. (Image source: Employment Agency)

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