Ear, Nose and Throat Audiology Assistant

ENT audiology assistant
If you want to train as an ENT audiology assistant , you must have your high school diploma in your pocket. Good grades in the subjects German, physics, technology and biology are a prerequisite. During theoretical and practical training, knowledge is acquired in the following areas, such as speech audiometry, a tuning fork test, a simulation test, game audiometry, a reflex test in newborns and how to consult a hearing aid wearer.

The training time!

The training itself takes two to three years, but during this time internships are offered in clinics for ENT medicine and with hearing aid acousticians and should definitely be completed. There are also numerous courses at schools for the hearing impaired. In order to be admitted to a final examination, proof of participation in classes and various internships must be provided. The exam itself consists of two parts, one is theoretical and the other is practical. In these internal exams, the graduates have to prove their knowledge and those who pass receive their final certificate.

The activities in professional life!

The activities that an ENT audiology assistant should master in the field of ear, nose and throat medicine include hearing and balance tests, smell and taste tests, the ventilation function of the upper airways, voice function and the function of the cranial nerves. One of the most important tasks is also to be involved in the diagnosis and treatment of the patient. The ENT audiology assistants also have the task of checking hearing aids for their function and must be able to show how to use them. It is also important to know how to apply electrodes to a patient, perform a pulmonary function test and have a thorough understanding of how to disinfect headphones. Once the ENT audiology assistant has mastered all of these, it is time to apply to a doctor's office or hospital . Work such as billing, office and administrative work then has to be done there. He also has the task of taking care of health care and hearing aid acoustics. The profession of ENT audiology assistant offers a variety of different areas of responsibility and those who are interested in this profession should not hesitate to do an internship to see if this profession is something for them.

The ENT status

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