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What is this job?

The house and family carer looks after families in emergency situations . The care is aimed exclusively at people in need of care and those who are chronically ill. Nursing is generally performed in people's own homes . You not only take care of the people, but also run the household in coordination with the relatives and the treatments with the doctor. However, the profession is also used in social centers or in outpatient family care services. You can learn the profession nationwide at a vocational school, or you can do further training. Support for families and those in need of care is only temporary. Since the caregiver is usually only on vacation or ill.

Personal requirements at work

If you want to learn the trade yourself, you should enjoy preparing meals and running households. The ability to provide social and advisory support must also be given. You are confronted with it every day and you have to prove these skills. People want to be well looked after and cared for in their emergency situation. The job requires a sure instinct when dealing with people. You have to be able to express yourself well and understandably and also be able to understand the unfortunate situation of the individual person in need of care. Since you have to take care of people, the job requires patience and no fear of caring for people.

Prerequisites for the job / training / studies

A secondary school leaving certificate is required as admission to training, and it is also the case that some training positions require an intermediate level of education. Due to the handling of people and food, a certificate of good conduct and the health suitability must be presented. Depending on the institution, it can happen that a certain denomination is prescribed. When training at a technical school, a completed vocational training or a job in the field of home and family care is usually required.


Fill out proof of employment

The usual training to become a caregiver lasts 3 years and can also be shortened depending on performance and previous training. If the performance is correspondingly poor, sections can also be repeated. The training consists of two sections, a theoretical and a practical lesson. During a company internship, the theoretical knowledge is deepened and an impression of everyday working life is given. After the training period, a final examination is taken, which includes a written and oral as well as practical part.

The Qualification

You achieve your qualifications within the framework of your professional activities or you can do subject-specific further training. There are always courses to deepen or refresh your knowledge. It should always be ensured to be up to date with the current state of knowledge. After the training, the respective area of ​​application is determined and thus the specialization is specified. You can specialize in childcare, housekeeping or care for the elderly.


The usual place of use is in the private households of those in need of care or those in need of care. The family carers are deployed in social centers and also for outpatient services. Sometimes people also work in retirement homes or homes for the disabled. However, the respective place of use may vary. The premises can be indoors or outdoors. Administrative tasks are carried out in appropriate offices. Depending on the wishes and concerns of the individual people, there can be very different places.

career development opportunities


As a home and family caregiver, you can do further training at schools for home and family care and specialize accordingly. Further training can give you the opportunity to be employed as a manager. There is also the opportunity to become self-employed and work as a freelance family carer. After the training, further studies can be completed with the bachelor's and master's degrees. The subjects can include human medicine , nursing management or the field of medical education . As in other professional groups, you can go in different directions and try to use your skills and knowledge in the best possible way.

The everyday life of home and family caregivers

Basically, everyday life is determined by patients and people in need of care. Every day starts with getting up and washing and ends with washing and going to bed. In between, the caretaker takes care of nutrition and well-being. In addition to shopping and running the household, leisure activities are also offered. It is ensured that people around feel good and are always well looked after.

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