Curative Education Nursing Assistant

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The profession of curative education nursing assistant takes care of people with disabilities in particular. This includes the care and education of people as well as the promotion of their opportunities. People of all ages with mental, physical or emotional disabilities are cared for. In addition to everyday things, support measures for further training are taken and an active leisure program is provided. People and their disabilities can be very different, which means that they also have different requirements.

Personal requirements at work

You should only learn the profession if you really enjoy working with people and promoting them. The daily support and their care would like to and can also guarantee. It should therefore be possible to be patient and empathetic. With a bit of creativity you get a good daily routine and also make sure that people have fun with the activities. You have to have the gift of being able to approach people and observe them. This is the only way to partially recognize the needs and wishes of people with disabilities.

Prerequisites for the job / training / studies

You can only practice the profession if the required performance records and an internship have been provided. These requirements are a condition for admission to the final examination. Anyone with a high school diploma can start the apprenticeship. You must be physically and mentally fit for the job. Often a certificate of good conduct must also be submitted and thus proof of having no previous convictions. Proof of an internship is often required to show that the training consists of a school and a practical part. The first year of school counts as a probationary period, only after that you are finally admitted to the profession. After the training, the actual specialization takes place and thus the decision to integrate into various areas of application. There are also opportunities for further training after the training and to obtain additional qualifications.


You will find different designations for the profession in the respective federal states. The training lasts between one and two years, with additional qualifications you can count on two years. The training is done in schools at vocational schools and also in other educational institutions. There are certain general school subjects that are taught in particular, including German , social studies or pedagogy . During the internship, the trainees learn how to deal with patients. This provides an overview of the usual work processes and the organization of the facility. As in other apprenticeships, the final examination is completed in three parts, a written and an oral part as well as a practical part. If you fail, you can repeat the school year once and take the exam again. The qualification The actual qualification takes place after the training in the respective areas of application. This usually takes place as part of the integration into certain facilities such as hospitals, day care centers or residential and nursing homes. It is also possible to specialize in certain target groups or people, such as babies or children, but also adults. Even after graduation, the knowledge must be kept up to date in order to be able to master everyday professional life. There are always opportunities for further training and refresher courses.


The profession of remedial nursing assistant is mostly used in institutions for the integration of people with disabilities. But also the facilities for the care of people such as kindergartens or day care centers as well as nursing homes are potential employers. You can also do the work with outpatient social services. But it can also be used in private households or special needs schools. Wherever people with disabilities work and live, the profession can bring benefits. People can be of any age from children to old age.

career development opportunities

After completing your training, you can either gain further qualifications in your profession through further education or pursue further training to become a business administrator. You can pursue the profession itself in various institutions and also train there in a subject-specific manner. Another possibility is to become self-employed in the private sector. As an outpatient or social service, you can then take care of people with disabilities in private households. However, starting a business should always be well thought out.

The everyday life of the curative education nursing assistant

A very ordinary everyday life includes the tasks of taking care of the daily needs of people with disabilities. This includes providing food and drink, but also daily personal hygiene. There are people who take more or less time for these tasks. The day can be designed individually according to their requirement profile. In addition to the nursing aspects, they also take care of the social well-being and ensure that people have fun every day. This includes entertainment or excursions, handicraft courses or other activities can round off the day. The administrative work then takes place in the offices of the employees. The days must also be adapted to people's habits and behavior. Not every day is the same as these people also have mood swings and other needs. (Image source: Federal Employment Agency)

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