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The clerk or woman in health care is a state-recognized professional group in Germany. However, they haven't been around for very long. The profession was only introduced in 2001, as the administrative work in the healthcare sector was becoming more and more varied. The jobs that were so urgently needed had to be created and so a new profession was born.


In 2011 alone , 1,445 training contracts were concluded in Germany. Training takes place in a training company and a vocational school must also be attended. Normally, the training as a clerk in the healthcare sector lasts 3 years , but it can also be shortened to 2 years under certain circumstances. After completing training, retraining as a nurse or geriatric nurse is possible. During the training, several business processes are learned, for example, the collection, control and market analysis, as well as the billing of services. In the vocational school, subjects such as social studies, English, sports and German are added. After the training period in a company, you have to go through several departments. These include the human resources department, accounting and the accounting department. At the end of the training, a written and an oral exam determine what has been learned. The examiners come from a hospital, from nursing and from a health insurance company. In the first year of training , students learn how to use operating systems and standard software. How work is planned and processed in a team, and how costs are determined and monitored. During the second year , how to use and maintain customer lead brokerage, how to prepare a tender and solicit bids. You will also receive information about the logistics of using materials. In the third year , students are taught how fee schedules and forms of remuneration are applied in a company-related manner. How billing is carried out and the need for products is determined. The preparation of financial and liquidation plans is also on the curriculum. In vocational school, the student is introduced to business processes and services and how the whole is managed.

The merit in training!

From the first to the third year of training, you can expect a salary of between EUR 654 and EUR 752 . Good school grades in economics, mathematics and German are a good prerequisite for training as a clerk in the healthcare sector.

There are also further training opportunities!

Further training to become a state-certified specialist in social affairs, a specialist in social and health care or as a state-certified business economist for a hospital is possible. As a clerk in the healthcare sector, you need to be able to handle work such as organizing business and service processes, developing service offerings and taking on tasks in quality management or marketing.

Where is work done?

The jobs are mainly in hospitals, medical laboratories and doctor's surgeries. Employment with a health insurance company or an emergency service is also possible.

The work in detail!

When employed in a hospital, a healthcare clerk receives the patients and checks the referral slips. She helps patients fill in the admission form and answers any questions they may have. When the patient is then discharged, she is responsible for ensuring that the bills are correct and forwarded to the responsible health insurance companies.

Up the career ladder

In order to advance professionally, further training can be considered. This ends when an examination for business administration or business administration is taken. Of course, as with any advanced training, the earning potential is better.

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