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If a woman needs a specialist who deals in particular with women's diseases and obstetrics, then she goes to a gynecologist, but where can a man go when it comes to men's diseases? Of course, this goes to a male doctor, an andrologist.
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Worth knowing about the male doctor

Andrologist comes from the Greek andro for man and logie for doctrine or lore , so this medical professional is knowledgeable of specific diseases and disorders affecting men. However, it is usually the case that other specialists have also developed the additional andrologist status, including urologists, human geneticists, endocrinologists, dermatologists and reproductive medicine specialists. They also work with doctors from other specialties when circumstances require and when it comes to male-specific conditions .
The andrologist is usually consulted when there are problems with sexuality or problems with reproduction. However, he can also be visited if the man wants to end his reproductive capacity. This often has nothing to do with a negative attitude towards children, but some men simply decide that they want to take the final step in the partnership instead of leaving it to their partner. Maybe they think they've reached an age where they don't want to have children anymore. However, some men also know about illnesses that run in their family and whose gene they carry, and thus want to prevent the risk of fathering a disabled child. Male sterilization is a much easier procedure than female sterilization, and it can be performed on an outpatient basis. During this procedure, either the vas deferens are tied off or if you really want to be on the safe side, you can have a piece of the vas deferens removed, the remaining stumps are either tied off or sclerosed and the man can go home the same day. Of course, protected sexual intercourse is still required ( usually for 3 months ) and a follow-up check must be carried out to ensure that the ejaculate does not contain any functioning seminal threads. But the andrologist also deals with it, of course, when pleasurable intercourse with the partner is no longer possible, when premature ejaculation occurs, when intercourse or ejaculation is painful, when the ability to have an erection is limited or no longer exists and with much more, which exclusively concerns the man. In particular, when a man visits the doctor with such complaints , a high degree of sensitivity is required, because for many men it means a great deal of effort to admit to another person, even if it is a doctor, that in a way he is no longer a full-fledged man is. Thus, the doctor should also have the necessary sensitivity here. However, this is generally always the case among medical professionals today. Sometimes there are just tiny causes behind these clinical pictures that are quickly eliminated. Stress can also be a trigger for a lack of libido and erectile dysfunction. Then a few talks with the therapist are often enough to solve the problem. Of course, there are also more significant diseases that can lead to disorders and impairments, including prostate disease or testicular disease . In any case, it is important not to be ashamed and to consult an andrologist if there are any uncertain signs. Only he knows what is going on and can help here.

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If a woman needs a specialist, then she goes to a gynecologist or gynecologist, but where can a man turn? Read more!

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