Masseur and medical bath attendant - A job for people who like to socialize!

A masseur and medical bath attendant learns more than 30 massage techniques during his training, which is a good thing, because the demand is constantly increasing. In these times the masseur has his hands full. Back pain has become a new widespread disease. Massage Therapist and Medical Lifeguard is an official job title and it is a job with a lot of responsibility. Before he starts his treatment, the customer must be examined in detail, for example what his skin tissue looks like, is it abnormal or completely normal? Then he makes the decision on which treatment to use. As a masseur and medical pool attendant, you shouldn't be shy, but you need a lot of empathy and patience. The ability to work in a team and good listening skills are further requirements for this job.

The conditions

Training to become a masseur and medical bath attendant can be started if you have a secondary school diploma or equivalent training or completed vocational training that lasted at least one year. You have to be at least 16 years old and be able to present a health certificate. Since there is not a school for a masseur and medical lifeguard everywhere, it may well be that the home and training location are not identical and a change of location must therefore take place.

What's on the timetable?

The timetable during the apprenticeship includes subjects such as professional studies, anatomy, physiology, general and special pathology and hygiene regulations. Masseurs and medical bath attendants support the doctors in curing or at least alleviating illnesses . This also includes dealing with rheumatic patients or aftercare for herniated discs. As a rule, the vocational schools work closely with hospitals. There the trainees learn how to work with medical and therapeutic staff. As a rule, they are responsible for the activities assigned to them. Attention and concentration are extremely important here, so that a patient can react quickly in a critical condition.

The training and what it includes!

The training lasts two years and ends with an examination to become a state-approved masseur and medical pool attendant. In order to be recognized by the state, you must have worked in a hospital or medical facility for 6 months.

What does the training include?

During the training period you learn everything about anatomy, general pathology, hygiene and physiology. Various therapies are also learned, such as reflex zone therapy, hydro- and balneotherapy and electrotherapy, as well as diagnosis and movement. Already the Greek doctor Hippocrates (466-377 BC) used massage. Today, massage plays an important role in the treatment of a patient. The most important "working tool" of a masseur are his hands. They master forms of massage ranging from a classic massage to reflexology. They use water techniques such as Kneipp affusions, medicinal baths and underwater massages. They also have heat and cold applications great importance, including fango packs or ice treatments, which must be mastered.

Remuneration in training

The school part of the training to become a masseur and medical lifeguard is not remunerated. Anyone who has an internship position will receive an internship fee. But there are some costs for the training, for example course fees or school fees, if you attend a private educational institution, then you still have to pay admission and an examination fee. The costs for specialist literature must also be borne by yourself. Work clothes must be purchased for the practical training. Travel expenses or the costs of external accommodation must also be paid.

The exam!

Admission to the final examination depends on regular and successful participation in the training program. The exam itself consists of a practical and a theoretical part. The oral exam lasts about 20 minutes and the practical one requires independent diagnosis and proposed treatment.

Subsequent employment opportunities

In order to pursue the work of a masseur and medical lifeguard, you can apply to a hospital, a special clinic, a rehabilitation center, a spa facility, a doctor's office or a sports medicine facility. After passing the exam, however, a managerial position can also be aspired to, this is done through advanced training. In addition, there is the possibility that those who have a higher education entrance qualification can consider studying. Carrying out massages is physically very demanding work , and there is also the direct contact with the patients. Dealing professionally with disabled people is not for everyone either, so anyone considering this profession should first do a trial internship to see whether they are up to the task.

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