Medical-technical assistant - functional diagnostics

laboratory assistant

General information about this apprenticeship:

In this training occupation, the function of the lungs, the heart and circulatory system, the nervous system and also the sensory organs is determined with the help of an electronic measuring method. This is done by measuring blood pressure, cardiac activity, brain activity, hearing, blood flow and lung function.

Which requirements play an important role for this job?


First of all, a corresponding level of athleticism plays an important role, since you are constantly on the move. You should also be able to work carefully and with concentration and be able to deal with patients with empathy. In this training occupation you are usually the most important contact person for the respective patient, especially for the difficult patients. You should also be able to work in a team, as the medical-technical assistant often works in a team of scientists or doctors. Other important character traits should be flexibility, technical understanding and good organization. In order to be able to practice this apprenticeship, a secondary school leaving certificate would be important. A medical certificate should also be obtained in advance.

Important information on the training content and everyday life:

The training for this profession lasts three years, with the schooling taking place in a vocational school. As a medical-technical assistant, you carry out appropriate examinations with the help of medical devices in relation to the sensory organs, the lungs or the nervous system. Among other things, the measurement of the brain and heart currents, the sense of balance and hearing takes place. Above all, you take care of the patients and document the respective results. Other tasks include the formalities of registering patients and maintaining patient files. The medical devices are checked and, of course, cleaned at regular intervals.

The following work steps are further training content:

  • Testing of medical equipment.
  • Checking the respiratory functions.
  • Measuring measured values ​​and shorts in respiratory function diagnostics.
  • Carry out stress tests, attach electrodes.
  • Assisting with ultrasound examinations, measurements.
  • Administrative tasks such as maintaining patient records.
  • Always assist the doctor.
  • Clean and maintain medical equipment.

The locations of this training occupation in detail

Possible places of work for the medical-technical assistant are above all medical practices, hospitals, research laboratories, health authorities or blood donation services.

Important information about remuneration and development opportunities

There is no remuneration for school-based training, but there are reimbursements for admission fees, examination fees and tuition fees. Possible developments in this profession can be a specialization in vascular or heart diagnostics, a degree in medical technology, a specialization in computer tomography, isotope diagnostics, X-ray diagnostics or radiation therapy.

(Image source: Federal Employment Agency)

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