Medical-technical radiology assistant


General information about this apprenticeship:

In this profession you will mainly be employed in the following areas: in radiation therapy, in X-ray diagnostics and in nuclear medicine. If you work in nuclear medicine, your job is to take pictures of the internal organs . In radiation therapy, tumor patients are taken care of and radiation is carried out according to the doctor's prescription. Other tasks include taking blood, changing bandages and looking after the patients.

Which requirements play an important role for this job?


In order to be able to practice this profession, an intermediate school certificate is sufficient, as is an equivalent school education. For this job, you should definitely have empathy, reliability, independent work, logical thinking, team spirit, perseverance, a good memory, a sense of responsibility, resilience and concentration.

Important information on the training content and everyday life:

The training lasts three years and during this time the trainees are taught the following areas, among others:

  • IT, mathematics, physics
  • anatomy, physiology
  • Radiation therapy, contrast media, nuclear medicine
  • radiodiagnostics
  • Adjustment techniques, statistics
  • computed tomography
  • Radiation protection and radiation physics

The locations of this training occupation in detail

Mostly you work in a hospital or in a specialist practice for radiology. As a trainee, you work in X-ray rooms, treatment rooms and examination rooms. Documentation takes place in the station room and in a corresponding office room.

Important information about remuneration and development opportunities

As a medical-technical radiology assistant, you do not receive any remuneration during your school education. Nevertheless, there is the possibility of receiving reimbursement for admission fees, examination fees and school fees. After the training, it is first important to decide on an area of ​​application. Only then can it be specified in which area you would like to specialize. For example, an area of ​​application can be radiation therapy or computed tomography. Further training to become a specialist radiology technician is also possible, as is studying medicine.

(Image source: Federal Employment Agency)

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