What does a medical assistant do?

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Until July 31, 2006, a medical assistant was simply called a " doctor's assistant ". She works mostly in a doctor's office and supports the doctor in his work. But also in companies and organizations that have their own medical service, as well The medical clerks are found in the Bundeswehr In Germany alone, 14,481 new training contracts were concluded in 2011. 98% of the medical clerks are female.

The application!

In order to apply to a doctor or a hospital, you should already have a high school diploma. When applying, you should also have good school grades in the subjects, biology (biological and medical connections can be better understood), chemistry (for work in the laboratory), mathematics (to be able to prepare a quarterly statement) and German (for tasks in correspondence), stand on the certificates. Among other things, communication skills, great empathy and sociability are also required.

What makes a medical assistant?

Without medical assistants there would be chaos!
She must be able to respond to a large number of different people and, if necessary, take away any fears they may have. The ability to work under pressure is not exactly low and is also very important, since in a hectic situation, such as an emergency, one must remain calm and be able to react quickly. In addition, of course, confidentiality is the top priority. Medical professional secrecy must also be maintained in any case in the case of a medical specialist. She has a lot of responsibility because mistakes on her part can affect a patient's health. You can cause financial and immaterial damage for the doctor treating you.

The task area!

Her areas of responsibility include, among other things, making appointments for patients and regulating the entire process in the practice, administrative work, such as handling private bills and writing letters for the doctor. She must be able to apply bandages and give an injection, as well as be able to draw blood.

The time of training

The training to become a medical assistant takes place in a doctor's office, in a hospital or in a medical care facility and lasts 3 years . The training includes patient care, practice hygiene, assisting with therapy, handling drugs, sera and vaccines, as well as correspondence. After a continuous two-year activity, further training as a medical assistant can take place.

How did the profession come about?

The profession of "doctor's assistant" arose in the 1950s because the doctors had to have an assistant available who could regulate the day-to-day course of the practice. In addition, a certain medical skill and knowledge should be available. The training to become a doctor's assistant then consisted of a To teach nurses as much medical knowledge as possible and also to let them work as secretaries.The profession with a two-year apprenticeship was recognized in 1965 and supplemented by a training regulation in 1968. In 1986 the training was increased to three years at the federal level.

The training in general

The first 18 months of this training teaches patient care, assisting with medical therapy, applying support and wound dressings, preparing for a medical examination, and coordinating patient appointments. In the second half of the training, the students are taught how to store and monitor medicines correctly, how a report works, laboratory tests and how an emergency is recognized and what to do then. The following subjects are to be learned at the vocational school: practice hygiene, caring for patients with small wounds and organizing practice processes. Lessons at the vocational school take place two to three days a week. Proof of performance must be provided during the entire training period, otherwise admission to the final examination is not possible. Before the end of the 2nd year of training there is an intermediate examination and at the end of the training there is a final examination. In the practical part of the exam, a technical discussion is held and a laboratory test is carried out. In the written part of an examination, the operational organization and administration are examined. The examination is taken in front of the competent medical association.

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