10 tips against flatulence


If flatulence occurs not only occasionally, such as after eating a cabbage stew, but you suffer from it every day, then you should proceed as follows:

  1. One should clarify whether there is a food intolerance or check this self. Here it is important that if, for example, a test on
  2. Lactose intolerance is negative, but you clearly react to it, for example if you drink your coffee with "normal" milk, it is better to use the lactose-free version. A test for intolerance can thus confirm the suspicion, although an intolerance cannot be ruled out even if the test result is negative. It is advisable to keep a food diary so that you can observe which foods you have eaten and which symptoms you have after eating appeared.
  3. It's important to get checked out by a doctor, especially if you're noticing other symptoms such as unwanted weight loss, pain, blood in your stools, or chronic diarrhea or constipation.
  4. One should consider a colon cleanse, which consists of three components: bentonite, psyllium, and probiotic.
  5. Change the diet. Here you should definitely consider the food intolerances that may exist. Fresh or dried herbs should be used for seasoning, although a few drops of sea salt or tamari can also be used. It is important that you do without the ready-made spice mixes.
  6. When it comes to meals, you should always remember the rules regarding the correct order. If this does not lead to a result, then it is helpful to avoid the unfavorable combinations, such as grain-fruit, greide-meat/fish/egg or grain-milk.
  7. You should always make sure to eat regularly to prevent flatulence. This means that before you are late in the evening, you can skip that meal or, if you are very hungry, prepare a very light meal, such as soup.
  8. You should never drink anything with meals, although it is important that you drink at least 3 liters of water between meals, preferably non-carbonated water, one hour before or one hour after eating. This promotes the elimination of metabolic waste products and supports digestion, ultimately preventing flatulence.
  9. One should support the liver by eating a healthy and alkaline-rich diet. But bitter substances also prevent flatulence, which can arise due to liver weakness.
  10. stress management! Effective stress management also prevents flatulence, because the intestines react to stress like no other organ.

Viet Trinh

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