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Colloquially, spirulina is also referred to as blue-green algae and belongs to the cyanobacteria. According to the oldest fossil finds to date, these bacteria were already present 3.5 billion years ago and were probably also involved in the oxygen enrichment of the primeval atmosphere at that time. Due to their current composition, they have influenced the earth's atmosphere. Thus, not only is the spirulina algae quite old, but it is also capable of changing its appearance. It takes on a different shape depending on pH and nutrient content, and it is therefore also unclear whether all of the 35 different species belong to one and the same species, with Spirulina platensis being the most well-known. Spirulina algae are native to the highly alkaline salt lakes, and since the algae are at home in tropical and subtropical waters, they are mainly found in Southeast Asia, Central America, Australia and Africa.


Algae powder - a natural placebo or actually a miracle cure?

Spirulina is commercially available as a dietary supplement in the form of seaweed powder, tablets or capsules. The alga has been used for consumption in parts of Africa and Mexico for centuries. Spirulina only caught our interest in the early 1980's when Spirulina pills were touted as a new and natural wonder drug . However, it could not be clearly proven by clinical studies that Spirulina is a miracle cure. The situation is similar with other diseases and ailments when it comes to the Spirulina algae having a great effect on them and with practically no side effects . However, the experts are still quite cautious about judging, since in many areas no further research has been carried out and a complete recording of the effects of spirulina and the side effects is necessary.

The effect

It is undisputed that Spirulina algae have a high protein content and therefore the capsules, tablets and algae powder are often advertised as vitamin donors as well as iron, magnesium and calcium donors, because they contain many of these substances. In all of this, however, it is not pointed out that the algae have a low vitamin B12 value, but the body can only use around 20% of it. Thus, the algae powder as a dietary supplement hardly leads to the desired effect. The researchers are just as closed about the side effects as they are about the effects.

The side effects

There are always voices that say that there are actually no side effects from the consumption of spirulina (algae powder) because it has been consumed and researched for centuries, but other sources say that there may be allergic reactions can come. In any case, the algae powder, as well as the spirulina tablets and capsules that are produced in the chemical companies, are partially enriched with biocomplexes that are chemically produced. If the natural complexes lead to intolerance, this can result in serious side effects. It is therefore important to always pay attention to the ingredients when buying algae powder & Co.

Cleanse naturally with Spirulina

Spirulina has garnered praise not only for its general effects, but also for other reasons, as it is often used as a natural cleansing agent . Therefore, Spirulina capsules are administered, for example, by naturopaths and dentists. The reason: Spirulina absorbs the heavy metals and also absorbs mercury very well. This is a fact that, seen from the other side, can lead to undesirable side effects if the water from which the algae comes has an increased mercury content or an increased lead or cadmium value. Because then the intake can cause physical stress.

Viet Trinh

Spirulina is commercially available in seaweed powder, tablet or capsule form. A natural placebo or actually a miracle cure?

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