Balance Pad - exercise and gymnastics

Small pad - big effect. This is how it looks with the balance pad. The Balance Pad is a comfortable and extremely versatile piece of exercise equipment that is suitable for all ages and that you can take with you anywhere. The commercially available pads consist of a foam mat about 60 cm long, 40 cm wide and 7 cm high, which is covered with a very elastic special plastic. Even overweight people don't sink all the way down to the ground on the pad, so the pad effect is always given. Because the purpose of the Balance Pad is to train coordination, condition, muscle building and general physical fitness. With the pad, this is possible with minimal physical exertion and can therefore be used by people who are absolutely untrained in sport as well as by older people. With the Balance Pad you train your sense of balance and build up muscles in your supporting apparatus in a way that is particularly gentle on your joints. You can buy the Balance Pad in any sports shop or it can also be obtained over the Internet. If you are still unsure and would like to see the sports equipment on site and maybe test it, you should go to a sports shop to buy it. The price of the device is quite cheap, pads are available for around 40 €, although the price can of course be higher. The pad can be cleaned easily and quickly if it gets dirty, a damp cloth is sufficient, you should avoid using harsh cleaning agents. The Balance Pad can be used for both indoor and outdoor sports. However, you should make sure that it is not constantly exposed to the weather, especially the sun's rays, as these can make the material porous.

Balance pad exercises, tips

As a rule, training and exercise instructions are also included with every original package in which the Balance Pad is sold. Some manufacturers use a booklet with pictures and descriptions, others add a DVD with videos for rehearsal exercises and there is also the possibility of downloading the instructions for exercises from the homepage of the respective manufacturer.

A small selection of exercises with the Balance Pad and tips for everyday life:

  • Step onto the pad lying on the floor with both feet and now make walking movements, similar to Nordic walking. Simply lift your heels while swinging your arms with your elbows bent. Just doing this little exercise for ten minutes a day improves muscle development, stamina and coordination. You can even do this exercise during the lunch break at work, if you want, you can cheer on the right music.
  • Housework or other activities that would otherwise be done standing can now be done standing on the Balance Pad. This will also have a positive physical impact.
  • The pad can also be used on the go as a chair pad. You sit warmer and more comfortably, especially as an older person, and you will also feel a positive influence here.

Viet Trinh

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