In the case of diabetes, keep an eye on the values

Anyone who has been diagnosed with diabetes mellitus must keep an eye on their blood values ​​in the future. For this purpose he will either have to visit a doctor more often and depending on which type of diabetes has been diagnosed, the patient must also constantly check the values ​​himself.

Dealing with the values

Diabetes is about blood sugar levels, which can either be too high or too low. In any case, countermeasures must be taken. Most of the time, a diabetic's "sugar", as it is colloquially called, is already preset by a doctor or a stay in a clinic. The patient is trained in handling the values, the test device and the injection of insulin . If a meal is to be taken, the blood sugar level is measured beforehand, and based on this, the patient must inject the appropriate units of insulin with regard to the upcoming meal. That means you have to think about what you want to eat beforehand, and it's not so much vegetables and meat or fat that need to be considered, but rather the carbohydrates, which are calculated in bread units, but the carbohydrates, which are calculated in bread units . In order to get the result here, the optical measurement is usually used. The diabetic pricks the fingertip briefly until a small drop of blood can be seen. This is held against the measuring strip that is in the device and the device now determines the value of the insulin units that are to be injected. It goes without saying that a new strip must be inserted into the device for each measurement. Measuring itself is child's play, in the truest sense of the word, because many children also suffer from this disease and have to deal with it, so they quickly learn how to use the equipment that will accompany them throughout their lives. In addition to the blood values, the urine of the diabetic must also be examined at regular intervals. There can always be fluctuations in the disease due to external influences. In children and adolescents it is puberty that requires control of the values ​​and in adults there are other things that can lead to disorders here. For example, a woman who suffers from diabetes and becomes pregnant must always be checked very carefully to ensure that everything is still okay and that there is no danger to her and the child. Then nothing stands in the way of a healthy child, who does not necessarily have to suffer from diabetes as well. A total of 16 different values ​​are checked by the diabetic during a thorough examination by the doctor. This check-up is usually carried out every three months if the setting is constant. Values ​​that are controlled include albumin, glucose, bilirubin, cholesterol, amylase and lipase, to name just a few. In any case, the disease should be dealt with openly. You can live well and relatively normally with the disease if you observe the requirements.

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Anyone who has been diagnosed with diabetes mellitus must keep an eye on their blood values ​​in the future. Frequent checks are the daily program.

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