Burning Mouth Syndrome

Burning Mouth Syndrome , also often referred to as burning tongue , is a disease of the mouth that can be very uncomfortable and can have a variety of reasons. The pain from this Burning Mouth Syndrome is dull and tormenting those affected, with the base of the tongue being more rarely affected. In most cases, the pain is on the edges of the tongue and also on the tip of the tongue. Sometimes the pain is associated with a furry feeling and often with a dry feeling in the mouth, which is also found to be very uncomfortable. How often and for how long this feeling occurs varies from person to person, because some sufferers struggle with it for longer periods of time and others more in phases. A visit to a doctor is highly recommended for Burning Mouth Syndrome.

Possible causes of tongue burning

In contrast to many other diseases in the mouth such as tooth decay or dry mouth, the cause of burning mouth syndrome cannot always be determined. However, there are a variety of possible causes that would need to be investigated first. The first possible cause of the Burning Mouth Syndrome would be various diseases of the teeth or the oral cavity, which then occur together with the burning tongue in varying degrees of severity. In addition, in many cases skin diseases such as wrinkled or mapped tongue are the reason for the burning tongue, which can also be genetic diseases. Otherwise there would be various internal diseases that could lead to Burning Mouth Syndrome. These diseases include hormonal disorders such as sugar or a disorder of the thyroid gland. A disease of the digestive tract is the reason for the Burning Mouth Syndrome in a relatively large number of cases. Last but not least, various neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis can be the reason for the unpleasant burning tongue.

Existing treatments for Burning Mouth Syndrome


Since there is no specific treatment method for Burning Mouth Syndrome, it is important to first clarify whether one of the other diseases could be the cause of the disease. Diseases in the mouth should therefore be treated first, since in many cases the unpleasant feeling disappears. Above all, good dental care and appropriate oral care can be used preventively, as this minimizes the risk of various diseases in the mouth. The check-ups at the specialist doctor must also be observed and a doctor should be consulted immediately if symptoms arise. Then there is the possibility of finding out the cause of the disease and treating it.

Viet Trinh

Burning Mouth Syndrome, also often referred to as burning tongue, is a condition of the mouth that can be very uncomfortable. Read more now!

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